US-China diplomatic top talks The turmoil in Hong Kong is also on the agenda, August 14th 11:13

Secretary of State Pompeio of the United States and Mr. Zhao Ji, who oversees diplomacy in China, met in New York. The details have not been made clear, but it seems that they conveyed the different positions of the confusion in Hong Kong.

According to the US State Department and China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Secretary of State Pompeio and Mr. Zhao Ji-Phi held a meeting in New York on the 13th.

The details of the talks are not clear, but the US State Department has told NHK's previous coverage of the situation over Hong Kong: “A joint statement between China and the UK that has allowed Hong Kong to exercise a high degree of autonomy. "We ask China to comply with the basic laws.We condemn violence and ask for self-control in all parties, but there is no fluctuation in our support for freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly in Hong Kong." It seems that Secretary Pompeio communicated this American position to the Chinese side and demanded careful responses.

On the other hand, over the situation in Hong Kong, the Chinese government has repeatedly pointed out that American politicians are behind the protests and asked them to stop interfering with China's domestic politics. This seems to have conveyed the position of the Chinese government.

The positions and claims of the United States and China over the situation in Hong Kong are different, which may lead to new issues in addition to intensifying trade friction in the future.

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