Komei asks for cooperation with the Liberal Demonstration by reducing pledge expenses, but adjustment is expected to be difficult August 14:11

Concerning the promise of the House of Councilors election, which will reduce the annual expenses of parliamentarians by 10%, the Komeito party is seeking cooperation with the Liberal Democratic Party in order to realize it at the extraordinary Diet session in autumn. It is expected.

Since the Komeito Party promised the previous House of Councilors elections and raised the consumption tax rate to 10% in October and demanded a burden on the public, the parliamentarians should carry out “reform cuts” on their own, % Reduction.

And, in order to realize the commitment at the extraordinary Diet session in autumn, we are requesting cooperation such as explaining at the meeting with LDP executives toward the establishment of the necessary bill.

In this connection, the North Vice-President said at a press conference that “at least it is necessary to obtain the understanding of the Liberal Democratic Party in order to achieve it,” emphasizing the idea of ​​urgent adjustment within the ruling party.

On the other hand, in the Liberal Democratic Party, there are negative opinions such as "Reduction of year-end expenses is related to the activities of the Diet, and should be carefully considered".

Also, among the opposition parties, the Japan Restoration Society has shown a positive attitude toward reducing the annual expenses, but there is a temperature difference between the parties, and the adjustment is expected to be difficult.