Joining the Liberal Tanigaki Group to the Kishida School

Looking ahead to the next month's forecast of cabinet remodeling and Liberal Democratic Party officers, the Tanigaki Group has an opinion that it should seek to join the Kishida group, but conservative discussions are deeply rooted, concentrating opinions on the direction of the group Is expected to be difficult.

There are more than 20 members of the parliamentary group led by the former governor of the Liberal Democratic Party, including members from other factions, but there are concerns that Mr. Tanigaki's presence will decline after retirement.

Under these circumstances, some group members have expressed their opinion that they should seek to join the Kishida group in anticipation of the remodeling of the cabinet, which is expected to occur in the middle of next month, and the personnel of the Liberal Democratic Party.

On the other hand, in the Kishida school, the four members who belonged to the previous House of Councilors lost their seats, and there is a deeply controversial argument that the group should “determine the situation within the party”.

Executive representatives such as the group's representative caretaker, Motosawa Serizawa, chairman of the National Diet Committee, will ask their members about the future direction this month, but it is expected that it will be difficult to gather opinions.