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Business 2022-05-29T03:29:47.040Z
It plummeted 40% at one point! See also the hot flash crash in the currency circle, the next Luna? It plummeted 40% at one point! Seeing a flash crash in the currency circle, netizens are worried: "The next Luna?"... Sequoia India and others have invested, but they are suspected of having Pond's characteristics   After the value of the cryptocurrency Luna is almost zero, the cryptocurrency market has once again attracted attention, this time it is STEPN, a popular "running shoe" project in t
Business 2022-05-28T03:56:08.089Z
The Lords of Cryptocurrency: Fortunes Born of Volatility 19 men exceed 1,000 million dollars of assets thanks to their investments in digital currencies The rich of cryptocurrencies are men, Americans and around 40 years old. The Forbes list counted 19 billionaires in the sector in April, a club forbidden to women: there is not a single one among the great fortunes born from digital currencies. There's also not much geographic diversity—just two South Koreans and one Canadian break American uniformity. Most are names unknown to the general public.
News/Politics 2022-05-27T16:12:39.760Z
A "revenge porn" with the world watching The Depp/Heard process is entering its final phase. Human rights violations in Xinjiang have consequences for the German economy. And Olaf Scholz defends the delivery of weapons to the war zone. This is the situation on Friday evening.
Life/Entertain 2022-05-26T11:06:24.467Z
The weekend exhibitions, from Seitzinger to Erwitt and Consagra The epic of the bicycle in Treviso, in Milan Ruggero Savinio (ANSA) ASCOLI PICENO - The myth of the bicycle alongside the history of self-representation in painting and the shots of Erwitt, up to the illustrations by Elisa Seitzinger and the sculptures by Pietro Consagra: these are some of the exhibitions that will open during the week.     ASCOLI PICENO - "Seitzinger Alchemica", the first solo exhibition of the illustrator Elisa Seitzinger, is set up at Forte Mal
News/Politics 2022-05-26T09:36:10.173Z
Dad is not damaged Israel today In 2022 many more fathers are involved in caring for their children, and even find great satisfaction in it • So why do we continue to treat them like idiots?
Business 2022-05-26T06:40:52.961Z
The Federal Reserve uses “interest” to clamp down on inflation Inflation is high, interest rates are also on the rise, stock and cryptocurrency prices are falling, at a time when expectations of a possible recession are growing. These times are the most difficult for anyone to save or invest money, or intend to do so, which can make investment choices difficult.
News/Politics 2022-05-25T21:41:38.365Z
Bitcoin is imploding. But you wouldn't know it from watching Formula 1 racing Hard to imagine bitcoin crashing when there is so much crypto sponsorship and promotion in F1. Bitcoin falls again 0:53 New York (CNN Business) -- What cryptocurrency crisis? Bitcoin prices may be crashing, but you wouldn't imagine it while watching the cars of the super popular Formula 1 race circuit. F1 is crazy about cryptocurrencies. Eight of the 10 teams competing in the high-profile international series have a crypto-related sponsor. F1 has received a huge audience boost in recent

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