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Life/Entertain 2023-06-02T00:53:42.638Z
Prosecutors are conducting a full-scale investigation into the "WEMIX suspicion" ... Securing Kim Nam-guk's transaction history The investigation into various allegations surrounding the controversial cryptocurrency WEMIX, which was held in large quantities by independent Rep. Kim Nam-guk, is gathering pace. According to legal sources on the 1st, the 6th Criminal Division of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's Office seized and searched Wemade, the publisher of WEMIX, in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi, on the 24th and 26th of last month, and secured Rep. Kim's WEMIX transaction details.
News/Politics 2023-06-01T10:41:39.436Z
"Activists of target countries": how the State Department and Khodorkovsky are preparing a protest core of Russian emigrants American foundations and charitable organizations associated with Mikhail Khodorkovsky in the CIS and Baltic countries, together with the US State Department, form a protest core of Russian emigrants and Ukrainian refugees. RT came to this conclusion after analyzing the financial documents of organizations. From them it turned out that the "gratuitous" assistance of the organizations "Ark" and Reforum Spaces is offered in exchange for protest activities and propaganda work. According to experts, Khodorkovsky, who is actively promoting the idea of violent protest, thus provokes the initiation of new criminal cases against his person: on extremism, treason and cooperation with foreign intelligence.
News/Politics 2023-06-01T08:33:37.383Z
In treatment: A rare glimpse into the world of sex offenders in prison | Israel Hayom There are currently 1,013 sex offenders incarcerated in Israel, of whom 152 are defined as high risk to the public • There are treatment groups in the prisons, in which about 160 prisoners receive intensive treatment on a daily basis – in order to instill in them awareness of their actions and dissuade them from a pattern of repeated sexual abuse • A reporter from "Shabbat" was exposed to group therapy in Ma'ayahu prison, and heard from the prisoners about the process they are going through, remorse, identification with the suffering of their victims and fear of the day that will come after release • "The fear of harm should be part of us until our last day. If we're complacent, the urges will pop up again."
Life/Entertain 2023-06-01T01:02:42.788Z
Prosecutors seize and search 3 coin exchanges...'WEMIX circulation fraud' investigation Prosecutors have launched a full-scale investigation into the controversy over the circulation fraud of the cryptocurrency WEMIX. According to legal sources today, the 6th Criminal Division of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's Office yesterday seized and searched coin exchanges Upbit, Bithumb, and Coinone to obtain data related to WEMIX's issuance and distribution history.
News/Politics 2023-05-30T13:33:35.952Z
Kim Nam-guk initiated disciplinary proceedings..."Refusal to attend? Discipline is counted" Disciplinary proceedings by the National Assembly Ethics Commission have been initiated against independent Rep. Kim Nam-guk, who sparked a cryptocurrency controversy. The Ethics Review Advisory Committee's review period, which was guaranteed up to 60 days, was reduced to less than a month, and Rep. Kim Nam-guk was required to appear at the Ethics Special Committee meeting.
News/Politics 2023-05-30T08:15:43.184Z
The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Investigation of Electricity Fraud quoted the police as saying that it is difficult to follow up without monetary losses, and it is difficult to freeze high-risk accounts Online and telephone deception is becoming increasingly rampant, and DAB has tried to get hands-on with different types of telephony and found that the FPS accounts used by fraudsters can still be achieved even though they have been judged to be high-risk by the Police's Anti-Scam Lookers
News/Politics 2023-05-30T05:22:23.917Z
Special Committee on Ethics Proposes Disciplinary Proposal for Kim Nam-guk... Full-fledged disciplinary proceedings begin Today, a special ethics committee was held in the National Assembly to discuss the disciplinary bill against independent Rep. Kim Nam-guk, who has sparked a controversy over cryptocurrency investment. Let's go to the National Assembly. Baiyun, what was the decision made by the Ethics Committee? Yes, the Special Committee on Ethics of the National Assembly held a plenary meeting this morning to consider two disciplinary proposals for Rep. Kim Nam-guk submitted by the ruling party and began the disciplinary process in earnest.
News/Politics 2023-05-29T13:02:12.964Z
Allegations of money envelopes complicated by Yoon Kwan-seok-Lee Seong-man arrest by the Democratic Party The motion for the arrest of two lawmakers, Yoon Kwan-seok and Lee Sung-man, who were arrested in the Democratic Party's money bag case, will be reported to the National Assembly's plenary session tomorrow. For the Democratic Party, whose morality has been hit one after another by Rep. Kim Nam-guk's cryptocurrency controversy, it is complicated to know how to handle the arrest motion.
News/Politics 2023-05-29T11:01:31.483Z
Bukele's theater The Twitter account of the president of El Salvador is an example of how he governs the Central American country since he came to power
News/Politics 2023-05-25T12:41:16.633Z
Wemade visited 8 congressional offices... You also have "nothing to do with the lobby" Recently, along with the controversy over Rep. Kim Nam-guk's cryptocurrency investment, there were also allegations that a game company lobbied the National Assembly, and the details of the company's entry into the National Assembly were made public. During the 21st National Assembly, I visited eight parliamentary offices, six of which were members of the National Assembly's Political Affairs Committee, which is in charge of virtual assets.

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