Typhoon approaching Next flight canceled flight check for the latest information on August 13 at 20:03

With the arrival of Typhoon No. 10, 25 domestic flights were canceled on the 13th, mainly flights to and from Kyushu. On the 14th, 41 flights have been canceled mainly for flights to and from Kyushu, and airlines are calling for the latest information on the company's website.

According to the airlines, the cancellation of the 13th due to the approach of Typhoon 10 was decided at 6:30 pm
▽ Four flights including Japan Airlines connecting Fukuoka and Osaka with Miyazaki,
▽ Japan Air Commuter has 21 flights including Fukuoka, Yakushima and Kagoshima.

Typhoon No. 10 is expected to approach West Japan from now on, and with this, cancellations have been made mainly on flights departing and arriving at Kyushu on the 14th.
▽ 34 flights, which are all flights from / to Miyazaki,
▽ Four flights connecting Miyazaki and Narita with Jetstar,
▽ Vanilla Air connects Narita and Amami Oshima with two flights,
▽ Solased Air has been canceled on one flight connecting Haneda and Miyazaki.

In addition, Japan Airlines has also canceled some flights on flights to and from Kyushu such as Kagoshima and Miyazaki.

According to aviation companies, there are concerns that there will be more cancellations in a wider area in Western Japan, and we are calling for the latest information on the company's website.