Prime Minister Abe Visited the local Yamaguchi seafood shop, August 12, 20:29

On the 12th, Prime Minister Abe entered the local area of ​​Yamaguchi Prefecture, and visited a direct sale place such as seafood and a facility that gathered wooden toys at the roadside station.

Prime Minister Abe entered Yamaguchi Prefecture, scheduled to run from the 12th to the 14th.

In the afternoon, together with Mrs. Akie and others, I attended the 33rd debate of my grandfather, Shinsuke Kishi and the former Prime Minister, who was run at a temple in Tabusecho.

After that, they visited a facility that gathered local toy wood toys adjacent to the roadside station in Nagato City, and received explanations from the director of the NPO corporation that operated it. Next, we visited a special fishery and agricultural direct sales place at Michi-no-Eki.

Prime Minister Abe has returned to his hometown since January, and he easily responded to commemorative photos of tourists visiting.