“Bulletproof rucksack” popular to protect children Popular shootings one after another on August 12 at 20:13

In the United States, where a series of shootings occur, before the start of the new semester from next month, bulletproof backpacks for school attendance are attracting attention, and parents say that they are necessary to protect children On the other hand, there are voices that it will not be a fundamental solution.

In the United States, from 3rd to 4th of this month, shootings occur in South Texas and Midwest Ohio one after another, and 31 guns are killed.

Under these circumstances, bulletproof rucksacks are drawing attention next month before the start of the new school term.

Of these, Texas manufacturers produce bulletproof plates to put in their rucksacks, which are the same strength as police bulletproof vests.

The price is about 14,000 yen to 16,000 yen in Japanese yen, which means that sales have tripled since this month.

Concerns about this are divided among parents and others.

A mother with a 13-year-old child says `` I'm shopping cheap but I'm willing to buy to protect my son '', while another man is `` I can not imagine a school where children go to school with a bulletproof rucksack '' Is raised.

Experts also point out that schools should take care of children's safety, and that bulletproof rucksacks are not the fundamental solution, and discussions are active on how to protect children from gun-related incidents. The