North Korea Flying to launch a strong fight against Korea or August 16 at 19:05

On the morning of the 16th, North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles from the eastern Gangwon road toward the Sea of ​​Japan. North Korea is frustrated with South Korea calling for economic cooperation between the North and South during joint military exercises with the United States, and this launch seems to have the aim of strongly constraining South Korea.

The Korean Army's Joint Staff Headquarters made a flight of North Korea from the vicinity of Tonchon (Tongcheon) on the eastern Kangwon-do (Gangwon-do) toward the Sea of ​​Japan at 8:01 am and 8:16 am on the 16th. Two shots were announced, and the flight distance was about 230 km and the altitude was about 30 km.

An official of the Korean army clarified that the flying body was "presumed to be a short-range ballistic missile from the flight distance".

Prior to the launch, North Korea has issued a discourse to condemn President Moon Jae-in ’s speech on the 15th, calling for economic cooperation between the North and South, during the joint military exercise. I am frustrated with South Korea seeking friendship.

In addition, Toncheon, where the flying body was launched this time, seems to have a strong aim to control South Korea because it is close to the north-south military boundary, and there is a possibility that it will fire the flying body again by the 20th after the military exercise is over For some reason, the US and Korean troops have strengthened vigilance and surveillance.