Pitcher's ball number limit Boys' baseball tournament with the introduction of a new rule begins August 13 at 15:46

In Koshien Stadium, high school baseball battles are taking place every day, but elementary and junior high school student baseball tournaments started on the 13th. In this tournament, three of the top four players of the member teams had a problem that seems to be caused by throwing too much, so a new restriction rule for pitchers was introduced.

This tournament was held in Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture on the 13th, as an eastern Japan tournament of the Japan Junior Baseball Federation, a hardball baseball group of elementary and junior high school students with over 700 teams nationwide.

The “Japan Youth Baseball Federation” asked doctors to investigate the physical condition of athletes, and found that 75% of 3 out of 49 top class athletes had elbow disabilities. .

For this reason, the rules for limiting the number of balls have been introduced from the East Japan Games. Under the new rules, in order to reduce the burden on the pitcher, the number of pitches per person is set to 65 or less for elementary school students and 80 or less for junior high school students.

On the 13th, after the opening ceremony, the management staff recorded the number of balls in a junior high school game. And as the total number of balls was announced each time the inning was over, the managers of both teams were thinking about changing pitchers while paying attention to the number of balls.

Ken Takaura, a special adviser of the Japan Youth Baseball Federation, said, “Since the survey results showed serious conditions for children, we introduced a limit on the number of balls. I think that there is, but I want to continue reforming so that children's future can be given top priority and continue playing baseball for as long as possible. "

The leader is confused

There were various opinions and confusing voices from the leaders about the new restriction rules.

The director of a junior high school team in Fuchu City, Tokyo, said, “I operated my elbows as a result of my practice during my junior high school days. Considering that, I thought that the future of the children should not be sacrificed. I am thinking about the numbers and intending to devise them with succession, etc. The introduction of rules is a good way to think about the future of children and reduce the burden as much as possible. "

On the other hand, other team managers said, “If you think about winning, it's natural that ace throws, but it's not a rule, so it ’s a disadvantage for teams with few players. Someone said, “I want to get it.”

Opinions on how to run the tournament were also asked, such as "Is it necessary to review the final tournament if you lose?"

Parents of ball children are welcome

The voice of the junior high school student's parents welcomed the new rules.

A junior high school third-year pitcher's mother said, “I was worried about my shoulder and elbow breakage due to overthrowing. I want to continue playing baseball for a long time even when I ’m a high school student. I think it ’s safe to introduce rules to do that, ”he said.

In addition, the father of a fielder who is a third grader in junior high school, “I think the rule of restricting the number of balls is necessary as the trend of the times. That is also my parents' desire. "