Argentina: public news agency Télam closed to its employees, website inaccessible

In Argentina, the government suspended the activities of the public press agency Télam for a week.

On Friday, President Javier Milei announced the closure of the agency, which he described as

a “propaganda organ


A police cordon blocks the entrance to the Argentine news agency Télam, in Buenos Aires, March 4, 2024. AP - Victor R. Caivano

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With our correspondent in Buenos Aires,

Théo Conscience

In addition to the heavy metal barriers installed during the night from Sunday to Monday, police officers on duty prohibit access to the premises of the Télam agency in Buenos Aires.

In front of the building, hundreds of people came to denounce on Monday a brutal attack on press freedom by the government of Javier Milei.

We will not allow this unprecedented attempt since the return of democracy to silence a communications media!

This agency has been operating for over 78 years, and it will continue to operate!

», wants to believe a demonstrator.

Since Monday, the agency's website and its dispatch service have been down.

The Télam website out of service, March 4, 2024. © Screenshot

I have never seen such a thing

,” marvels Hernan Campaniello, journalist and editorial secretary at Télam.

Télam is the only press agency currently.

We have 800 clients, from small community radio stations to major Argentine media who feed on the information we generate.


Monday morning, Hernan and Télam's 700 employees learned that they were exempt from working for a week, while the government defines the agency's closure plan. 

I don’t know if I will be able to continue to pay for my little one’s kindergarten, my rent.

So I am really worried about the future of my family and for me too

 ,” confides the journalist.

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