Frédéric Michel // Photo credit: Xose Bouzas / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP 06:14, March 5, 2024, modified at 09:06, March 5, 2024

After a shooting near a daycare center in Hyères in the Var, Jean-Pierre Giran, mayor of the city, decided to post two municipal police officers in order to secure the establishment.

A measure welcomed by parents.

“They are there in the morning at 7:30 a.m. until 6:15 p.m. in the evening.”

Two municipal police officers are now permanently stationed in front of a daycare center in Hyères, in the Var.

The cause: the establishment was the scene of score settlings and shootings linked to drug trafficking.

With this system in place, one of the neighbors in the neighborhood feels reassured.

“I think it’s good security, because besides, there are only little kids here,” he explains.

Around thirty children welcomed per day

This municipal crèche, located in the sensitive Val des Rougières district, welcomes around thirty children every day.

For law enforcement, the idea is to be present, to reassure employees, children and parents.



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“We have teams at fixed points, but also mobile teams which rotate regularly throughout the day. Proximity with people allows us to collect information which can be useful to justice,” explains Jean-Charles Vigilenti, head of the department. of the Hyères Municipal Police.

“It makes us happy to see the police in front of the nursery”

In front of the crèche, the staff and most of the parents prefer to avoid commenting on this initiative of the mayor of Hyères on the microphone, but admit to being more serene, even if the anxiety does not leave this mother.


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“It makes us happy to see the police in front of the daycare because I was not at all reassured, especially when the children go out to play. Last week, there was a shooting just on the street above, I don't sleep anymore at night, I'm afraid," said this mother.