U-turn rush peak during highway typhoon approach Check for latest information on August 14 at 6:11

On the highway, the U-turn rush of those who spent their days in their hometown and resort area is expected to peak on the 14th. There has been no impact from typhoons so far, but expressway companies are calling to check the latest information as they may be closed due to the approach of typhoons.

The U-turn rush of the expressway is expected to peak on the 14th, and heavy traffic congestion exceeding 30 km from the evening is expected in places such as Tohoku Expressway and Kanetsu Expressway.

As of 5:30 am, no conspicuous traffic congestion has occurred, and there is no impact from typhoons, but in the future, highway companies will be exposed to heavy rain and strong winds in a wide range of west and eastern Japan as typhoons approach. There is a risk of being closed.

When the possibility of road closure increases due to the course of the typhoon, each company will announce specific forecasts such as the section and time, and when using the expressway, check the latest information and if necessary Calling for changes to travel plans.