Professional baseball top ranking Softbank loses to Rakuten and wins consecutive wins August 15 23:07

Three baseball matches were played in professional baseball, and the leading Softbank lost to third-ranked Rakuten and the consecutive wins stopped at "6".

Rakuten vs. Softbank has won the Sayonara 11 times, 4 to 3.
Rakuten has caught up with Wheeler's timely in 8 times, following 2 to 3 and 1 point. Furthermore, Ginji players hit timely with an extension of 11 times and 1 out, and won goodbye.
Softbank won seven times, but the relief team did not stick, and the consecutive wins stopped at "6".

Seibu vs. Orix won the Orix 20-8.
Orix twice, 7 points ahead of Romero's solo home run. Three points were added three times, such as Romero's No. 15 Manseng home run. Orix scored 20 points in the 20 most hits of the season and stopped consecutive losses at "4". The starting pitcher Zhang is the second win with 5 runs and 4 runs.
Seibu lost 20 points, the worst in the team, and the winning streak stopped at “5”.

Nippon Ham vs Lotte won Lotte 6-0.
Lotte won three points twice on a timely two-base basis that wiped out the runners of Sagano twice. After that, the batting line expanded the lead with two timely players by Hirasawa. The starting pitcher, Sasaki, won the season's second win with five runs without a goal, and Lotte returned to 50% with three consecutive wins.
Nippon Ham has four hits and lacks detail in throwing, falling to fifth place with nine consecutive losses.