Tokiwa-do Aori driving and getting beaten Investigating on suspicion of injury, August 16 16:22

On the 10th of this month, on the Joban Expressway in Moriya City, Ibaraki Prefecture, a 24-year-old man was stopped on the main line after receiving "Aori Driving", and then was beaten by a man who got off and injured. The police are investigating on suspicion of injury.

According to the police, the car driven by a 24-year-old male office worker on the up line of the Joban Expressway in Moriya City Otsuchi, running at 6 o'clock on the 10th of this month, received a "driving drive" from a white passenger car. It was blocked and stopped on the main line.

A man in his 30s and 40s got off and approached from a passenger car, and the man was threatened with “killing” and was hurt several times through his window.

According to the survey so far, the passenger car that the man was riding is a type called SUV of an overseas luxury manufacturer, and it is considered that it was rented as a substitute car from a dealer in Yokohama city.

On the other hand, according to dealer officials, this car was rented out late last month, but it was not returned after the three-day deadline. The person has come back.

The police investigate the detailed situation by analyzing the video of the drive recorder, etc., and investigate the whereabouts of the man on the suspicion of injury or violation of the Road Traffic Law.