Incident attacked by a passer's knife around a dead woman's body in an Australian house August 13 22:06

In the housing complex in the heart of Sydney, Australia's largest city, the body of a woman with multiple stings was found. In the vicinity, a man attacked a passerby with a knife and one person was injured. The police arrested the man and examined the relationship.

In the center of Sydney at around 2pm on the 13th local time, a man attacked a passerby one after another with a knife, and one of his 40s was hurt by being stabbed in his back.

There is no separate clause for life.

The man was seized on the spot and then arrested by the police.

According to local police, the man is a 21-year-old man living in the suburbs of Sydney and has not been found to be associated with terrorist organizations.

Meanwhile, subsequent investigations found multiple stabbed young women's bodies in a complex near the site, and police are investigating that they are related.

The man who witnessed the man being seized said, “At first I thought it was filming on TV, but I realized it was a real incident and was shocked.”

The site was a business district near the harbor bridge, a tourist attraction that many Japanese tourists visit, and the site was temporarily noisy.