More than 38 degrees in Kyoto etc. Assumes extreme heat forecast Severe vigilance against heat stroke August 10 18:53

On the 10th, it became extremely hot mainly in eastern Japan and western Japan, and the highest temperature exceeded 38 degrees in Kyoto City. On the 11th, hot weather days of 35 degrees or more are expected in various places, and strict warnings are still required for heat stroke.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, on the 10th, the temperature rose in a wide range, mainly in western Japan and eastern Japan.

In addition, the highest temperature during the day is
▽ 38 degrees 4 minutes in Gifu City and Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture,
▽ 37 degrees and 9 minutes in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture and Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture,
▽ 36 degrees 5 minutes in Kumamoto City
▽ It is 35 degrees 6 minutes in Nerima-ku, Tokyo,
It was a very hot day of over 35 degrees at 126 observation points nationwide.

It is expected to become a furious heat on the 11th, and the highest temperature during the 11th is
▽ 39 degrees in Kyoto City
▽ 38 degrees in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture
▽ 37 degrees in Kofu City and Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture
▽ 36 degrees in Nagoya City and Fukuoka City,
▽ It is expected to be 35 degrees in central Tokyo.

There are cases where people died during outdoor activities or without using air conditioning at home, and severe caution is required for heat stroke.

Water frequently, avoid exercising outdoors as much as possible, and take measures such as using air conditioning indoors.

On the other hand, atmospheric conditions become unstable as temperature increases during the day, and rain clouds develop locally. Sufficient attention should be paid to sudden changes in weather such as severe thunderstorms and gusts.