"Rely on the sky to eat" or "early and strict"?

Jinshan District, Shanghai takes the lead in the basic clearing of social aspects and resumption of work and production.

  Our reporters Jiang Wei, Yao Yujie, Gong Wen, Zhou Rui

  A logistics vehicle approached the factory area, and the staff at the gate had prepared a 3-meter-long bamboo pole with a net pocket. The pocket contained a bottle of mineral water, a box of instant noodles and an antigen reagent.

When the car stopped, the driver took the bamboo pole handed over in the high cab, scanned the site code, did an antigen test, and then "contactless" disinfecting and unloading.

"The method is earthy, but it works," said Qian Jianzhong, chairman of Shanghai Huide Technology Co., Ltd. The only way to keep up with the resumption of work is to prepare enough for epidemic prevention.

  As one of the first administrative districts in Shanghai to achieve a basic social zero, Jinshan’s epidemic prevention and control has maintained a stable and positive trend, and the resumption of work and production in all walks of life is progressing in an orderly manner: On May 12, Jinshan took the lead in opening some banks in the city Outlets are open; as of May 13, the resumption rate of industrial enterprises above designated size has reached 74.4%, the resumption rate of 1,891 commercial outlets, and the resumption rate of agricultural enterprises (cooperatives) has reached 96.7%. , Early detection, quick disposal", Jinshan slowly recovered the long-lost fireworks.

  See things early, act fast, and avoid "Mars" becoming "Flames"

  Although Jinshan is located in the outer suburbs of Shanghai, it is relatively large and sparsely populated, but it is different from the high-density epidemic prevention problem in the central city. It is located at the center of the Zhejiang-Shanghai channel, with criss-crossing crossings and interlaced water systems, with low density and large exposure.

If the "dam" is not built, the virus can almost penetrate the opening.

Many people think that Jinshan takes the lead in basically clearing the social face is "depending on the sky". In fact, the epidemic prevention measures are taken early, carefully and strictly, which makes Jinshan "one step ahead" and more calm.

  The reporter saw at the Jinshanwei exit of the S19 expressway that there were traffic police and anti-epidemic staff who stopped the car at the sentry post. They checked the certificates and nucleic acid test reports of the driver and their companions one by one, and carefully inquired about their whereabouts.

This is the implementation of Jinshan's epidemic prevention requirements of "one stop, two questions, three investigations, and four releases".

  "Since the social situation has basically been cleared, the pressure of epidemic prevention has actually been heavier." Liu Jian, secretary of the Jinshan District Party Committee, said that this is the fruit of the whole region's hard work and must be protected.

In order to prevent "Mars" from appearing and "Mars" becoming "flames", Jinshan District has a regular meeting mechanism for research and judgment of epidemiological information every day. Based on the results of epidemiological investigations, it is determined which are the key points of epidemic prevention, and early detection and early disposal are carried out as quickly as possible.

  In the previous stage of the spread of the epidemic, in the vicinity of an old city in Jinshan, dispatchers found suspected cases on a construction site with more than 1,000 people, and most of the workers lived in densely populated areas and shared bathrooms, so there was a greater risk of infection.

After the report, the Jinshan District government arranged 10 buses for transfer and quarantine overnight. In the end, more than 20 people among the more than 1,000 people were infected.

"If the disposal is delayed one day, there may be a cluster outbreak and there is a risk of spillover." Liu Jian said.

  In addition to "doing nothing overnight" and getting ahead of the virus, it is also necessary to fasten the "rope" to prevent the achievements of epidemic prevention from being wasted.

At the Jinshan exit of the G15 expressway, a car with a pass and carrying 27 passengers was stopped. The inspection found that someone did not have nucleic acid for 48 hours, and the on-site test found one positive case. The car also tried to enter another expressway. "Breakthrough".

During a community screening, the staff found that the information of a resident was not on the list, and immediately aroused alertness. The nucleic acid test found that he was positive, and the risk of community transmission was blocked in time.

At present, Jinshan District requires that the "three lines of defense" be carefully and strictly controlled, and the four-in-one inspection of "people, vehicles, materials and certificates" should be strengthened to minimize the risk of new epidemics brought by the flow.

  The deployment is early, the response of the masses is high, and the epidemic prevention work is more calm.

On the contrary, "one size fits all" may be too hasty.

For a period of time, whether it is the management of lockdown and control, nucleic acid for all staff, or the supply of materials, Jinshan District has tried to do as much in advance as possible, not to engage in surprise attacks, to keep psychological expectations for the residents, and to do the best work to win the support of the masses.

As a result, the epidemic prevention work has gradually gained everyone's trust, understanding and high cooperation.

  From basic protection to personalization, manage the "tip of the tongue" and stay at the "tip of the heart"

  Only by ensuring stable supply and people's peace of mind can we win the fight against the epidemic.

In this round of epidemic prevention and control, Jinshan District has done its best to meet the needs of the masses at different stages, and at the same time, it has tried its best to meet the supply of living materials and services on the "tip of the tongue", "fingertips" and "tips of the heart".

  "Jinshan itself has abundant agricultural product resources. We selected 78 large-scale agricultural cooperatives to be included in the collection and delivery source channels to meet the basic needs of residents' living materials." Zhai Jinguo, deputy head of Jinshan District, said that through direct purchase and direct delivery in the workshop, 100 were selected. Large-scale food companies and supermarkets promote the connection between supply and demand and meet the basic needs of residents' living materials.

  In terms of the connection between production and sales, the special agricultural supply guarantee team has paired "one-to-one" with 55 key fruit and vegetable guarantee and supply bases in the area, driving the fruit and vegetable sales of farmers in the area.

Through suburban linkages, a docking platform for "agricultural enterprises, agricultural supermarkets, agricultural schools, and agricultural cooperatives" has been established. Since the end of March, Jinshan has delivered about 30,000 tons of real estate fruits and vegetables to the city.

  "After entering the society, it is necessary to meet some of the residents' personalized shopping needs. Under strict epidemic prevention measures, we let residents go out of their homes in time and in batches and enter supermarkets to purchase." said Wang Mingfa, director of Jinshan District Economic Commission. .

At this stage, the government also chooses to issue supermarket coupons or daily necessities according to the needs of different groups of people, which not only guides the diversion, but also meets the needs.

  Special populations are the top priority in ensuring supplies during the epidemic, and there is no room for mistakes.

Jinshan goes deep into villages to buy special gifts, focus on the needs of special groups, implement the "one-day-as-a-day guarantee responsibility system", and strive to provide bottom-line services for people's livelihood and live in "the apex of the heart".

Wang Mingfa said: "We have sorted out the 33,000 elderly, weak, sick, disabled and pregnant people in the whole district, and we have also sorted out the young people who are not on the guarantee list in the streets and towns or live in commercial buildings that do not have the conditions to cook."

  In Huide Technology, in order to avoid the risk of contagion that may be caused by express delivery and take-out, the person in charge of the factory area checked the needs of employees in advance and adopted centralized purchasing.

"It happens that we have 2 factories in other places, and there is no epidemic in the local area. When we are transporting goods, we purchase the materials needed by employees from these two places and bring them here. After disinfecting them according to the requirements of epidemic prevention, they enter the factory and distribute them to employees. "Qian Jianzhong said.

  Zhang Zhigang, general manager of Shanghai Tofflon Pharmaceutical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said that there are currently more than 800 employees in closed management and on-the-job production. On the one hand, the company adds fruits, yogurt and other meals. Spring and summer clothes, mosquito repellants, etc.

  Consolidate the premise of epidemic prevention and promote the resumption of work, production and market in an orderly manner

  Take out your mobile phone and scan the "place code", you can wander in the sea of ​​scholarly fragrance.

On the morning of May 14, Xinhua Bookstore, located on Wan'an Street, Zhujing Town, Jinshan District, officially resumed business. At three o'clock in the afternoon, the bookstore had received more than 300 customers.

  Under the premise of strict epidemic prevention and keeping the results of zero clearance, the resumption of work and production in all walks of life in Jinshan is progressing in an orderly manner.

As of May 13, 645 industrial enterprises above designated size in the district have resumed production, with a production resumption rate of 74.4%; 1,891 commercial outlets have been resumed; Alibaba Feitian Park and the second phase of Hehui Optoelectronics have two municipal-level key projects. The first to resume work, and 16 construction sites are about to resume work; the production rate of agricultural enterprises (cooperatives) is 96.7%.

  On the 12th, BASF Care Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and the Jinshan District Government "cloud signed" a "technological transformation project for high-end skin care and beauty products", with a total investment of about 280 million yuan, which will promote BASF Jinshan to become a high-end cosmetic raw material, care A headquarters base integrating chemical production and sales.

  Jia Peishi, general manager of BASF Care Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said that the signing of this project is inseparable from the strong support of Shanghai and Jinshan for the rapid resumption of work and production and the creation of a high-quality business environment.

"During the sealing and control period, the packaging required for the company's raw material liquid could not enter Shanghai from other provinces. At the critical moment, Fanshun Packaging in the coordination area of ​​the Tangu Green Bay Industrial Park where the company is located, 'customized' a set of molds for BASF overnight, and let out a set of molds. A production line expedites the production of the 1,000 casks that BASF needs.”

  The resumption of work and production under the epidemic is inseparable from "advance to attack and retreat to defend".

Sun Lijun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Tangu Green Bay Company, told reporters that on the one hand, he dares to innovate and tap internal potential to help enterprises find "temporary upstream and downstream". chain supply chain.

  It is reported that there are 89 hazardous chemical companies in Tangu Green Bay Industrial Park, accounting for about 75% of the hazardous chemical companies in Jinshan District.

Since the closure of the epidemic, there have been more than 100 trucks queuing at the Jinshanwei exit of the S19 expressway, many of which are vehicles for transporting hazardous chemicals.

If it is released, it may face a greater risk of the spread of the epidemic; if it is not released, the shutdown of logistics will not only cause the company to stop production and production, but the accumulation of fully loaded tankers may also cause huge hidden dangers to production safety.

  "In order to solve the urgent need, we decided to release it under the guidance and support of the public security department, and matched a series of epidemic prevention measures, checked the driver's 48-hour nucleic acid negative report and on-site antigen test, and required the enterprise to conduct 2 to 3 tests on the drivers of foreign vehicles within a week. Health visits, etc.” Sun Lijun said that from April 1 to May 9, a total of 11,778 logistics vehicles entered the core area of ​​Tangu Green Bay, and the highest peak reached 502 in a single day, and no positive case occurred. case.

  Zhai Jinguo said that in promoting the resumption of work, production and market, Jinshan always regards the "preventable" epidemic as a premise.

On the one hand, adhere to source prevention and control, refine epidemic prevention gestures, conduct hierarchical management of different personnel within the enterprise, and classify management in different places; compile epidemic prevention manuals based on enterprise cases, and use case warnings to enhance enterprise epidemic prevention awareness and ability.

On the other hand, adhere to precise prevention and control, subdivide industry management, and form epidemic prevention and control guidelines for industries, supermarkets, restaurants, banks and other industries, "one industry, one guideline" and "one enterprise, one plan"; for key areas and key groups of people Implement the "red, yellow and green" color separation management, carry out the "Thousand People Warming Enterprise" service action, and guide all walks of life to control the epidemic prevention and control.

In addition, we adhere to digital empowerment, weave a dense prevention and control network, build an online platform for epidemic prevention and control, dynamically grasp the number of employees, digitally compare nucleic acid detection conditions, and intelligently warn of epidemic prevention and control risks, so that social actions can be followed.

  On the bus, the site codes are posted one by one, and the "digital sentinel" accelerates employees' onboarding and helps citizens travel; in the fields, the early rice seedlings are green in the wind, and 650,000 kilograms of rice seeds are delivered... Jinshan is passing the "Take Small Steps, Don't" "Stop" approach, and gradually promote the resumption of work, production and market expansion and expansion, so that the vitality of life and production can be accelerated.