The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has outlined the basic design of the Kasai Rinkai Aquarium, which is currently undergoing renovations due to its age, and plans to preserve the distinctive glass dome.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is proceeding with a plan to renew the Kasai Rinkai Aquarium, which opened in 1989, due to the aging of the acrylic panels in the aquarium, as well as equipment such as filters and piping. I have summarized.

According to the plan, the new aquarium will be built to the north of the existing facility, and the popular tuna tank will be changed to a gigantic one with a capacity of 3,000 tons, approximately 1.4 times the current water volume, making it even more impressive. It's meant to be an exhibition.

Additionally, the distinctive glass dome designed by world-renowned architect Yoshio Taniguchi will be preserved, and specific ways to use it will be considered in the future.

In addition, in conjunction with the construction of the new aquarium, of the 1,700 trees on the premises, 800 will be transplanted, and 600 trees that have been determined to be likely to die even after being transplanted will be cut down. .

Construction work will be completed three years later in September 2020, and the new aquarium is scheduled to open in March of the following year.