China News Service, Longyan, Fujian, March 5 (Deng Huizhong, Wang Zhikang) On the occasion of the 61st anniversary of learning from Lei Feng, multiple departments in Longyan City, Fujian Province jointly entered the campus to help students discover safety hazards around them through a series of popular science education activities and escort students. growing up.

The picture shows electric power staff showing power supply equipment to students to stimulate their interest in exploring science.

Photo by Deng Huizhong

  "We can't put lit mosquito coils against the edge of the bed or the curtains..." At the "Lei Feng Diary" themed class meeting, the students wore Lei Feng commemorative medals on their chests.

Volunteers used easy-to-understand language to lead students to review Lei Feng's short stories and tell the children about the touching deeds of Lei Feng's life.

During the interaction, the children spoke enthusiastically and expressed their respect and memory for Lei Feng.

  Subsequently, the firefighters brought a "safety science" gift package to the students, teaching them fire prevention and self-prevention and self-rescue knowledge in an easy-to-understand, entertaining way, helping students discover and avoid potential dangers in life. , and guide them to actively popularize safety knowledge to people around them and improve safety awareness and risk avoidance capabilities.

The picture shows firefighters explaining the usage principles of portable dry powder fire extinguishers to teachers and students, and setting up "fire" scenes to organize practical experience for teachers and students.

Photo by Wang Zhikang

  Through popular science experiments, scenario simulations, question-and-answers and interactive experiences, traffic police and electric power staff explain to students common traffic safety hazards on the way to school and how to discover safety hazards in daily electricity use, and guide them to develop safety habits. Good habits of using electricity, saving electricity, and using electricity scientifically.

  In the school playground, student representatives took turns to take the stage and told their stories of discovering safety hazards and helping others around them. They also explained the necessity of learning safety knowledge.

  School teachers announced the list of people who "inherit the spirit of Lei Feng and strive to be little safety guards" to educate students to supervise and stop unsafe behaviors in their lives and help more people avoid safety risks.

  Firefighters, traffic police and electric power staff jointly issued "Little Safety Guard" certificates to student representatives and regularly taught relevant safety knowledge to students.

Student representatives also awarded "Safety Counselor" medals to fire fighters, traffic police, and electric power workers to mobilize students' initiative and enthusiasm of "safety starts with me."

The picture shows traffic police staff inviting students to board the cab of a large vehicle to experience the vehicle’s blind spots and popularize traffic safety knowledge in a way that students like.

Photo by Wang Zhikang)

  "The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the blind spot, so we must remember to keep a safe distance from these large trucks to ensure our own safety." The traffic police invited students to climb into the cab of the truck to experience the blind spot of the vehicle, popularizing it in a way that students like to hear and see. Traffic safety knowledge to improve students’ enthusiasm for participation.

  In order to improve the fire protection awareness of teachers and students in the school, firefighters explained the usage principles of portable dry powder fire extinguishers to teachers and students, and set up "fire" scenes to organize practical experience for teachers and students, so that teachers and students can truly master the use of fire extinguishers.

Electricity staff also demonstrated power supply equipment to students to stimulate their interest in exploring science.

  "Today's activity was very exciting. I learned a lot about fire protection, electricity use and travel safety. In the future, I will enhance my awareness of self-protection and use this knowledge to help people around me." Class 2, Grade 6, Wudong Central School, Wuping County student Li Yiting said.

  Xu Ning, instructor of the Third Squadron of the Shanghang Brigade of the Longyan Detachment of the Fujian Provincial Forest Fire Corps, said: "We popularize fire safety knowledge through the "Learn from Lei Feng" activity. The purpose is to further enhance students' ability to 'know dangers and avoid dangers', so that they can master more knowledge. Fire safety knowledge, enhance safety and self-prevention common sense, achieve the effect of 'teaching a child, driving a family, and influencing the entire society', laying a solid foundation for building a safe campus and a harmonious society." (End)