Obstructing the work of UNRWA aims to kill the Palestinians from starvation in Gaza, coinciding with the war of extermination waged by the Israeli occupation army (Getty)

About 17 countries, most of them democratic, had the moral sufficiency to cut off funding for the Palestinian Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) in the most difficult humanitarian circumstance that people will go through in the twenty-first century.

These countries requested an investigation to uncover the circumstances of the Israeli accusations that a number of UNRWA employees were involved in the October 7 attack.

An investigation committee was formed, headed by the former French Minister of Foreign Affairs.

To find out the Israeli allegations on February 15th.

Three European research and human rights organizations participate in the committee's work.

Disabled and starved

Since the first days of announcing the investigation, time estimates have been adopted for the completion of the investigation, as the committee will submit an interim report in late March to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, while the final report will be submitted in late April this year.

That is, the countries that have stopped funding UNRWA have enough comfort to starve the Palestinians and disrupt the organization’s most important work of all in the Gaza Strip in these critical days, when children are dying of hunger in the northern Gaza Strip.

When the Baptist Hospital was bombed, killing approximately 470 Palestinian civilians, Israel claimed that a local Palestinian missile had caused the massacre, despite repeated claims of responsibility by Israeli officials before deleting them.

Western countries - including all those who stopped funding UNRWA today - only wanted hours to discover the “truth” that Biden recited to Netanyahu from a hastily written scrap of paper.

Democracies that sanctify the “truth” like parrots have repeated the Israeli narrative, without achieving it or demanding it at all.

As for the UNRWA story, investigation is required, and it has an important context.

Because it contributes to the subjugation of Palestinian children and increases their pain.

We can imagine what it means to disrupt the work of the 13,000 International Agency employees in the Gaza Strip now, and to hinder the organization that has the ability to reach all parts of the Strip, and has the human and logistical resources for all of that.

What is required is to strike this artery that has contributed to the resilience of people, including sick people, children, the elderly, and pregnant women.

Witnesses killed

This was the "democratic model" for dealing with war crimes in Gaza.

The basis of the Israeli lie is honesty, even if it becomes clear to the contrary.

We all know that the international positions - which followed in a representative manner the Israeli accusation against UNRWA - are part of the support for the Israeli war efforts.

War specifically against civilians and residents, but with different faces in order to avoid involvement in crime directly.

The investigation is to buy time in order to complete the extermination, and one of the goals of the extermination is to kill its witnesses.

UNRWA represents the international witness to what is happening, and it is a massive information bank for everything that happened 75 years ago to the Palestinians.

The goal of killing the witness and the attempts to assassinate him are not new, and the statement of the desire to assassinate has been repeated on the lips of Israeli officials, especially Netanyahu, on occasions that have not ceased.

Washington has complied with these desires during Trump's term in practice.

Gaza appeared to be an orphan in this war, as it had never appeared before.

An orphan of effective support from those close to her, and an orphan of witnesses.

Many precedents were evident in this war, including preventing media professionals from entering the Gaza Strip and covering the war, like any other war in the world.

It is reported that international insurance companies refuse to cover journalists wishing to go to Gaza.

This is not a sufficient reason, of course, as everyone knows that volunteer international war correspondents are willing to go without insurance, but the media outlets they work for refuse.

Also, those who work independently and freely are not allowed to enter.

Contempt and contempt

It was clear from day one that what was required internationally was that the crime be completed with the least possible number of witnesses.

UNRWA has been a chronic dilemma, as it is as old as the conflict itself, and its authenticity with the Palestinian tragedy is well-established, and because of that authenticity, it has now played complex roles that go beyond merely distributing aid.

No international agency possesses information and documents about a human tragedy as large as what UNRWA possesses about Palestine.

No one can narrate the Palestinian event like UNRWA.

Therefore, Netanyahu declares with the utmost recklessness of something called the international community or the United Nations, that there is no presence of UNRWA in Gaza after the war.

Any positions on this repeated disdain for the United Nations?

This war not only shocked the world with its brutality, but also with the extent of “democratic” support for this brutality.

Support whose laws, methods, and expressions are chosen to suit democratic civilization for killing and racial, religious, and moral superiority.

UNRWA will record in its documents that 17 “democratic” countries found it ethical to cut off support for the only international organization capable of alleviating famine.

It found that opening a three-month investigation in which funding would be cut off from this organization in advance – while one in six children would starve to death on its premises – was “democratic”.


After Israel was subjected to what it was subjected to at the International Court of Justice, the feeling has become that international accountability mechanisms need a different approach, beyond the usual underestimation of their effects on an entity with special immunity.

Israel and its international allies seem to have suddenly realized the danger of international witnessing organizations.

Although targeting UNRWA was not a new Israeli target, what is new is the international partnership in this targeting on this scale.

The hostile Western international positions - with the exception of America, towards UNRWA - are completely new, and may seem like the announcement of a new phase in which UNRWA will no longer be able to rely on its largest supporter, the European Union.

This war registers itself as a crossroads for many issues.

The spaces and alignments appear as if they were stolen from the traditional colonial era in the early twentieth century.

And lest we forget the investigation, what if the esteemed committee discovered that 7, more or less, UNRWA employees had participated in the October attack? What is the democratic interpretation of collective punishment against millions of Palestinians? And what is the moral aspect in which these countries will justify it? Contributing to child starvation in Gaza under what pretext?

History is written, and the outcome of any investigation will not be able to erase the shame of participating in the annihilation of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

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