The online shop of Sugako School Uniform, a major school uniform manufacturer headquartered in Okayama City, was accessed illegally, and the credit card information of approximately 3,800 customers may have been leaked. We are contacting customers via email to alert them to any charges they do not recognize.

According to the company's announcement, in September last year, the company was contacted by a credit card company regarding the possibility that the information of customers who used Kanko Online Shop Harajuku Select Square may have been leaked.

The company investigated the names, addresses, phone numbers, card numbers, expiration dates, and information of 3,827 people who made payments using credit cards during the two-year and four-month period from April three years ago to August last year. Additionally, it was discovered that security codes and other information may have been leaked.

The system had been tampered with due to unauthorized access, and some of the leaked information may have been used fraudulently, so the company suspended card payments and consulted the police in December last year.

The company is contacting customers whose information may have been leaked by email to alert them to any charges they do not recognize.

Kosuga School Uniform commented, ``We apologize for the great inconvenience caused to our customers.We will strengthen our security and management systems and work to prevent it from happening again.''

The company has a consultation desk.

▽The telephone number is 0800-8887125.

▽We accept inquiries from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on weekdays.