PEDRO SÁNCHEZ offered the Spanish ports to host the Aquarius, the Open Arms NGO ship with 630 rescued migrants and to which Italy and Malta denied entry in 2018, with a double objective: to exploit migration policy with a coup and send a message to Europe in defense of humanist values ​​against dissolving populisms of all kinds.

Two years later, there is little or nothing of this behavior in the Executive of PSOE and Podemos.

Immigration constitu

It is one of the biggest challenges for the EU and a human drama with extremely serious consequences.

However, despite the notable increase in the arrival of immigrants to the Canary Islands, it is a matter that has become banned from the institutional agenda.

As we reported today, the Canary archipelago has registered the arrival of 8,300 immigrants so far this year.

The bulk, around 7,400, come from Morocco.

With the Libyan and West African routes closed, immigration mafias exploit the route through Cape Bojador, in Western Sahara.

In two days of navigation, the boats can reach the Canary Islands, hit by the coronavirus and the absence of tourists.

The islands do not want to experience another crisis of the cayucos, as in 2006. But the fact that a group of hotel businessmen has yielded establishments to the Red Cross to accommodate the thousands of immigrants arriving by boat reveals the extraordinary severity of the pressure In this context, it is clear that the Government is not interested in focusing on immigration now.

What is incomprehensible is that neither does the PP and the rest of the opposition.

The Canarian Government, of the PSOE, is upset with the Interior for not enabling sufficient means or activating the European mechanisms for the reception of these people beyond the archipelago.

With 22 ministries, immigration powers have been diluted into five portfolios, which causes no one to take responsibility for this matter.

Neither strategy has been established nor is there a diplomatic policy to implement migrant repatriations, nor are Frontex measures applied.

It gives the impression that the Executive prefers to concentrate the migratory flow in the Canary Islands, to try to mitigate its effects, than to face this challenge with the determination it requires.

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