Hamburg: Kita children quarrel over tricycle

In a Hamburg day care center, two children fought over a tricycle - which led to a police operation. A mother had dialed the emergency call.

In Hamburg, a mother called the police because her three-year-old child was arguing with another child for a tricycle. The two children seem to have clashed in a daycare in the district of Winterhude, as several local media report. They would have screamed and scratched each other.

The mother of one of the children then dialed the 110 emergency number of the police. This sent a patrol car. "Our colleagues were able to pacify the situation on the spot in a conversation," a police spokesman told the "Hamburger Abendblatt".

So one of the kids had a flushed cheek. However, the officers apparently took no one, even on a display was waived.

The manager of the daycare also confirmed according to the "Abendblatts" the incident: After the dispute, both children had minimal scratches in the face, she said. "It is usually not common practice to contact the police in such cases," quotes the newspaper Larrá.