"Digging, digging, digging, digging", too magical, a children's song teaching video holiday became popular, turning May Day into June One

Extreme News reporter Xu Hanxiong

The "May Day" holiday tour is popular, and a kindergarten teacher in Wuhan has gone viral on the Internet with his sweet and healing face and a teaching video of the children's song "Little Garden", which is said to have gained more than 200 million fans in three days, and also attracted the attention of Xinhuanet. On May 5, Xinhuanet's Douyin account forwarded this video with the title "Kindergarten teachers use warm songs to bring flowers a warm childhood".

The blogger's Douyin account is called "Music Teacher Blossoms and Wealth, Early Childhood Education Music Teacher". On April 4, he released a video of teaching and singing children's songs, "In what kind of garden, digging, digging, digging, digging, planting, and flowers", which became popular all over the Internet in a few days, and by the time of writing, the video had 28.430 million likes, 45,119 comments, and <>.<> million retweets.

Because its account IP address is displayed as Wuhan, Hubei Province, he called himself "Teacher Huang" in the video, and for a while, "Wuhan Preschool Teacher Huang" became a hot topic of discussion among netizens.

Netizens have left messages saying that the teacher is full of love for the children's eyes, and her success is one word, "fusion", she and the children are one. Some netizens said that a beautiful teacher in her beautiful childhood, she smiled charmingly and had love in her heart. Some said that they were teachers from other people's families who wanted to come to Wuhan to study kindergarten. Some also said that if there is such a kindergarten teacher, they can give birth to two treasures.

Some netizens also said that they felt that the whole person was "poached" by her. So there are various simulated "digging and digging bodies": "I am in a small company, climbing and climbing, earning less wages, not enough to spend", "digging and digging, digging and digging, digging to the optical cable will pay 138,000", "digging and digging in deep mines, digging a lot of coal to light up tens of millions of homes" and so on.

Some netizens also said that the blogger did not sing well, wondering why it could be popular. Perhaps, whether you sing well or not is one thing, the important thing is that this children's song can bring people a wave of "memory killing", netizens said, who is not a baby, children's songs remind people of the beauty of childhood, infected by the atmosphere of the video, can be immersed in the joy of childhood with children.

The polar news reporter noticed that the account began to publish videos on Douyin in May 2021, initially two people appeared together, which is some common "embarrassing dances" and the like, and in the past three years, it has shown that a total of 5 videos have been released, which is not prolific. The account began to have only one person appear this year, and in March began to show the content of the blogger's usual music to children, but it caught fire because of this "digging and digging in a small garden" on April 64.

Some netizens said that the fire was unreasonable, and the blogger was overwhelmed and cried with joy in the face of the explosion of popularity during the live broadcast. It is understood that this was originally a tongue twister-style finger ballad that trained the sense of rhythm, suitable for children above the middle class of kindergarten, and was originally named "Garden Flowers". Bloggers claim to have imitation and innovation, just to make everyone happy.

Although it is a children's song sung to children, the content of the children's song can remind people of the adult world "what flowers are planted and what fruits", thinking of their own work and life, in addition to bringing the immersive experience of childhood life, but also empathizing with all kinds of "digging and digging" in reality is not easy, so, it is popular all of a sudden. So that the whole network followed the trend to imitate this children's song, turning "May Day" into the feeling of "June One".

Some netizens left a message saying that there were only a few hundred fans a few days ago, and there were more than 200 million fans at once, worried that bloggers can have good content to maintain this Internet celebrity effect after the fire, and how to handle between fame and fortune and the true colors of kindergarten teacher work remains to be seen.

(Extreme News Comprehensive Xinhuanet, blogger video content, netizen comments)