Get to know the Egyptian judge accused of killing his wife, broadcaster Shaima Gamal

The judicial community in Egypt was in great shock, after the Vice-President of the State Council, Counselor Ayman Hajjaj, was accused of murdering his wife in a hideous way and mutilating her body, then burying her inside a farm owned by him in the Badrashin area, in addition to his escape abroad.

The accused disappeared and contacts with him were cut off about 6 days ago, despite the urgent need for his presence to carry out some of his work duties as a member of the Board of Directors of the State Council Judges Club and as a treasurer of the club. They did not succeed in reaching him, and he did not respond to any of these communications, which prompted some of them to write to him via short messages to request his presence to sign some exchange permits and important papers related to his work as a member of the club’s board of directors and the fund’s secretariat.

Hajjaj is currently the Vice-President of the State Council, in addition to being an agent for the State Council Judges Club, which is concerned with judges' affairs over the past years.

Hajjaj has also served as a spokesman for the operations room of the State Council Judges Club since 2015 to supervise and follow up on the elections for the House of Representatives in all governorates. He also served as an official spokesman for the follow-up room.

Hajjaj was among the strong candidates to take over the management of the Zamalek club after the infection of Counselor Ahmed Al-Bakri, with the Corona virus, as he was a representative of the judicial authority that ran Zamalek Club in 2020.

Ayman Hajjaj was nominated to occupy several positions, which raises the confusion and astonishment of the judges of the State Council Club, since the accused is not known for his bad manners or for causing problems throughout the years of work in the State Council or the club, according to a judicial source.

And judicial sources revealed that the involvement of the Vice President of the State Council and a member of the club’s board of directors in killing his wife in this way was a great shock to them, especially as he was in contact with most of them until a few days before his escape and disappearance after committing the crime.

It is noteworthy that the Special Council, the highest administrative authority in the State Council, had agreed yesterday to the Public Prosecution’s request to lift the judicial immunity of the accused judge, after the appearance of a person before the Public Prosecution. As a result of disagreements between them, he confirmed that he witnessed the circumstances of the murder and knew where her body was buried.

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