China News Service, Daxinganling, Inner Mongolia, August 13 (Zhang Wei, Baishicheng Liu Yanrong) On the 13th, the reporter learned from the Dayangshu Branch of the Daxinganling Forest Public Security Bureau in Inner Mongolia that two months ago, two white-naped crane eggs rescued by local villagers had been successful. Hatching, and two small white-naped cranes are working hard to grow up in health.

  On May 30th, Yu Zhenhua, a villager in the second group of Baoyuan Village, Dayangshu Town, Oroqen Autonomous Banner, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, found a bird's nest in the soaring river. There were two bird eggs the size of a goose egg in the bird's nest. bring home.

  Under the care of Zhenhua, after more than half a month of incubation, the two little birds broke out of their shells magically.

These two little birds grew up day by day and slowly turned into cranes with long beaks and stilt legs.

For this reason, Yu Zhenhua took the initiative to contact the Kuizhong Police Station of the Dayangshu Branch to seek more professional help for the two birds.

The picture shows two small white-naped cranes.

Photo by Li Zhifeng

  According to Qiu Fengbin, director of the Kuizhong Police Station, Dayangshu Branch of the Daxinganling Forest Public Security Bureau in Inner Mongolia, the two little guys are identified by professionals as the first-class national protected white-naped cranes, which are very precious.

  The reporter learned that the white-naped crane is also called the red-faced crane and the red-faced crane. It is a large wading bird, slightly smaller than the red-crowned crane. Its breeding period is from May to July. The banks of open rivers and lakes, as well as the adjacent marsh grasslands.

Due to its scarcity, in 2012, the white-naped crane was included in the "World Conservation Union" Red List of Endangered Species.

  In order to let the two little white-naped cranes get more professional care, on August 2nd, the forest police and the animal protection staff of Dayangshu Forest Industry Company jointly sent the two little guys to the Zhalong National Nature Reserve in Heilongjiang Province for professionalism. Ambulance.

  A few days ago, the staff of the Zhalong National Nature Reserve in Heilongjiang Province sent a video to Qiu Fengbin to report to the forest police police how two white-naped crane chicks are living happily in the reserve.

  "At present, the reserve has assigned a dedicated person to take care of the two white-naped cranes. After they reach a certain flying ability, they will be released." Qiu Fengbin said.