The "Education Association" must not be allowed to continue to poison Hong Kong education (Hong Kong Observation)

  The Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government recently announced the complete termination of its working relationship with the "Hong Kong Education Professionals Association" (referred to as the "Education Association").

Teaching and educating people is a teacher’s bounden duty, but the "Education Association" pollutes the three-foot podium, and it is in a mess with the anti-China and Hong Kong forces, the "French Front" and the "Stake Association".

Hong Kong education is in urgent need of profound changes in the form of bone scraping and drug treatment, and the biggest cancer of the "Education Association" must be eradicated.

  The "Education Association" has long been dominated by the Hong Kong opposition and has become an accomplice in advocating "anti-China" and "anti-government".

The "Education Association" brainwashed Hong Kong youth to broadcast "independence", wantonly inciting hatred, and using the students as a bargaining chip and victim of pressure on the government.

  Concocting "Hong Kong independence" teaching materials, selling "dark violence" books, advocating fallacies and heresies, the "Education Association" forcibly planted radical stances on innocent students.

In incidents such as "anti-religion", illegal "Occupy Central", and "regulations turmoil", they even incited students to abandon their studies and future, destroying the hope and future of Hong Kong society.

  Education is a century-old plan. Educational professional organizations should uphold their professions and help teachers develop their professionalism, educate students to observe the rule of law, understand right and wrong, and act righteously, so as to protect them from the influence of extreme social thoughts and radicals, so that young people can be healthy through education. Personality, embark on a bright future.

  The "Education Association" claims to be "the largest professional education organization in Hong Kong". Not only does it not focus on the slightest professionalism, but it also completely deviates from the purpose of education.

Under the guise of a "professional body", they wantonly harm the welfare of the vast number of young people in Hong Kong, introducing violence and chaos into the former peaceful campus, deliberately deliberately deliberately to harm Hong Kong youth, even elementary school students who don't know what politics are.

The "Education Association" is indeed a shame for educators, and it also humiliates Hong Kong education.

As the backbone of the "Stake Association", the "Education Association" has gained the notoriety of "teaching evil" in Hong Kong society, which shows that its sins are serious.

  Hong Kong's education has been suffering for a long time!

Teachers, textbooks, examinations, schools, management and even institutional design are chaotic, and the "Education Association" is the culprit.

They organized the compilation of general education textbooks to smear and attack the "one country, two systems", slander the SAR government and the country, abuse the power of assessment and set up misleading test questions in the Hong Kong version of the "College Entrance Examination", under the guise of "freedom of speech and academic freedom", as the trend of "Hong Kong independence" Disaster in Hong Kong campuses opened the door to convenience, spilled waste and tried their best to obstruct the national education that should have been vacant for a long time, so that Hong Kong education was unable to "decolonize" for a long time, but was trapped in the quagmire of "pan-politicization".

  In order to achieve its insidious political goals, the "Education Association" encouraged the "Huang Shi" to act recklessly, beautify the "Hong Kong independence" remarks as "independent thinking", and promote the "black violence" as "unlawful justice", and to the chaos of Hong Kong. Hold up the umbrella and condone violence to spread everywhere.

Due to the "Education Association" unscrupulously inciting fire and instigating crimes, about 4,000 Hong Kong students were arrested on suspicion of breaking the law during the "Regulations Amendment Disturbance", and nearly 2,000 of them were primary and middle school students, all at a good time in their lives.

Such a result, how can it not make people regret it!

  How can Hong Kong education be reduced to a "drug manufacturing factory"?

How can young people in Hong Kong act as political cannon fodder?

The education sector in Hong Kong needs to eliminate black sheep as soon as possible, severely punish groups and individuals suspected of breaking the law, and keep political gangsters away from the campus.

Now that the power of Hong Kong’s national security law is gradually showing up, and the anti-China and Hong Kong forces have collapsed, the "Education Association" can't easily "jump the boat to protect itself", and its sins will never be wiped out.

Hong Kong's education must be rooted in its roots and establish an education system that is compatible with "one country, two systems."

Only when Hong Kong's education and physical fitness are back on track can Hong Kong society have a stable and prosperous future.

  Zhang Pan