“No one went to the company” Typhoon was waiting for home at 15:02 on August 15

Due to the impact of Typhoon # 10, there have been several cases of companies taking measures such as waiting for their homes due to a series of suspensions of transportation.

While some of them are pleased not to go to work, such as the opinion that “Telework is shining at this time” and “I was incredibly ordered to wait at home. This white company…” Some people were confused, "I have all the work tools in my company, what should I do?"

In addition, voices such as "Sad story that noticed email waiting from home from the workplace" or "Nobody went to the company and it was waiting at home. Please come first." It is.

In addition, there was a post saying, “I think it's not a holiday, but“ standby at home ”is a message from the management,“ Don't go to play in the storm and get into trouble ””.