Protest march in Hong Kong Temporarily disturbed by a rally held in Japan August 17 19:17

As protests continued in Hong Kong, a demonstration march took place on the 17th of the weekend, and participants claimed to continue protesting until the Hong Kong government changed its response.

In Hong Kong, protests have been ongoing for more than two months over a draft ordinance that will allow suspects to be handed over to mainland China, and multiple protests have been called for this weekend.

Among them, in the district where many tourists from mainland China visit, many participants gathered for a march on the 17th.

For this demonstration march, the police issued a notice of opposition for a while, but it was recognized by changing the route, etc. We appealed to pursue responsibility such as the injured person who was withdrawn and the forced exclusion of the police.

A 22-year-old woman who participated in the demonstration said, “The Hong Kong government has not responded to our request and will continue to protest for a long time until the government finally accepts the complaint.”

In Hong Kong, a large-scale demonstration march has been called for on the 18th, but the police have issued a notice against this, and there is concern that the participants and the police may collide.

In Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, adjacent to Hong Kong, armed police units under the command of the Chinese army are gathered, and it seems that there is an aim to control the spread of protests.

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Protest rally in Japan

Under these circumstances, people from Hong Kong living in Japan held an urgent protest rally in Tokyo on the 17th to show protests against the response of the Hong Kong government and police. It was.

Participants marched to the Hong Kong government office in Tokyo with a placard that says "Never against Hong Kong police violence."

Upon arriving near the office, delegate representatives read out a statement calling for a complete withdrawal of the ordinance amendment and the pursuit of abuse of police authority, and put it in the office mailbox.

At the protest rally on the 17th, people who seem to be from mainland China who oppose the gathering gathered by raising the Chinese flag around the meeting place and playing the national anthem at a loud volume, and the police who were on guard It became a dispute, and the site was temporarily noisy.

The man who called for the meeting said, “I felt angry and sad about the current situation in Hong Kong, and I wanted to send an ale to Hong Kong to create an opportunity to appeal to their thoughts. I would like to insist and connect to the future of Hong Kong. "

The ema of both sides in Meiji Jingu

I found that many Meiji Jingu shrines in Tokyo, where many foreign tourists visit, had many emas written in Chinese, both in support and opposition, over protests.

In the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, there are emas that support Hong Kong's protests written in Chinese, such as `` Do your best in Hong Kong '' or `` God bless you in Hong Kong '' "If you want to be independent, go out and look for a new continent."

These ema are thought to be from tourists from Hong Kong and mainland China.

A negative comment on Ema's SNS, saying, “I understand patriotism, but patriotism requires courtesy. Your words and actions represent China.” There was also a comment such as “Neither is it. Both are rude to bring political problems in sacred places in other countries.”