Bear witnessed Sapporo death by bear hunting society, bear suspicion that there are others, August 14 8:01

In Minami-ku, Sapporo, bears were witnessed in residential areas every day, and residents were worried, but on the morning of the 14th, members of the hunting society found the bears and confirmed that they were safe. Died According to the city, it was confirmed that the female had appeared in the vicinity, but there is a possibility that there are other bears, and vigilance continues.

According to the police and Sapporo city, the bears inhabited the Fujino district in Minami-ku, and the bears infested every day after midnight on the 3rd of this month. Witnessed a bear eating a corn in a residential kitchen garden.

A series of bear witnesses in a residential area began to begin classes at an elementary school next week, raising concerns about children's safety.

According to the police and the city, a hunting association member found a bear near Park Golf Course, about 1 km from a high school where yesterday's bear was witnessed.

And because he was away from the residential area, he fired three shots with hunting guns and the bear died.

According to Sapporo City, it was confirmed from the appearance that it was a female that had appeared in the vicinity.