Adjusted by appointment of Mr. Hamada, who served as the ambassador of North Korea to the government ambassador, August 17, 4:58

As Japan-Korea relations worsen, the government is making adjustments in the direction of appointing Mr. Koji Hamada, who served as the new South Korean ambassador and head of the North American Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As Japan-Korea relations have deteriorated due to issues related to “recruitment” during the Pacific War, the government is changing the ambassador to Yasutoshi Nagamine, who is stationed in South Korea, and is making adjustments in the direction of appointing Mr. Koji Hamada.

Mr. Hamada is 61 years old.

He entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1981 and has served as a minister in Korea, a North American director, and an Israeli ambassador.

In addition, at the G20 Osaka Summit held in June, as the ambassador in charge of Japan as the presidency, we coordinated the summaries of the summit declaration.

On the other hand, Ambassador Nagahama returned to Japan temporarily as a countermeasure against the establishment of a girl statue symbolizing the comfort women issue in front of the Japanese Consulate General in Busan, Busan.

As the government responds to North Korea, the cooperation between the three countries of Japan, the United States, and South Korea will continue to be important. It seems that there is also an aim of searching for clues.

The government is asking the Korean side for prior consent based on international treaties, and will formally make a decision as soon as consent is obtained.