Day of the end of war The lantern drifting victim of the Tokyo air raid August 15th 20:37

On the 15th day of the end of the war, a lantern was flown in memory of the victims in the river that flows through the downtown area of ​​Tokyo where many people lost their lives in the Tokyo air raid.

The lanterns flowed in the former Nakagawa, which flows between Tokyo's Edogawa Ward and Koto Ward. Many people died in the Great Tokyo Air Raid in March 1945, and about 3000 people died. It has been.

On the 15th of 1974 from the end of the war, many people gathered at the memorial ceremony held on the bridge over the river.

In addition, about 2,000 lanterns with local children's messages such as “peace” and “smile” were flowed over the river to mourn the victims.

Those who participated wished for peace and peace while surrounded by the lights of the lanterns.

A 90-year-old man who experienced the Tokyo air raid said, “I can't forget the terrible situation, such as the many bodies in the air defense seen after the air raid. I hope to become a world without conflict.” I was talking.

A woman who was three years old at the time said, “I still remember that the sky was dark red. I still want to tell my children and grandchildren that the war is miserable.” .

A 6th grade girl who participated in 3 families said, “The war is scary anyway. I want to continue the peaceful era.”