Disturbed smartphone payments Cooperative movements are activated August 14th 4:18

In the field of smartphone payments, which has been in a turbulent state due to the continued entry of companies, there is an active movement to collaborate to increase the number of users and merchants.

In June, NTT DoCoMo joined the cashless field alliance created by LINE, a major communications application company, and Mercari, a major flea market application.

In addition to expanding the member stores in cooperation, the three companies will share the QR code method used for payment so that the services of all three companies can be used just by introducing the services of one company. .

In addition, Rakuten and JR East will partner to make it possible to add the function of the JR East IC card “Suica” to the smartphone payment application “Rakuten Pay” next year.

In addition, “PayPay”, invested by Yahoo Japan and Softbank, has partnered with Alipay in China to start a service that allows Alipay payments using the “PayPay” QR code to increase the use of tourists from China.

As smartphone payment services become inconsistent due to the entry of a series of companies, it is difficult for users and stores to know which service to use.

For this reason, it is likely that there will be an increase in the number of users and merchants seeking to collaborate.