Emperor Showa Dear Sir, “If the people want to abend, you ca n’t lose it” August 17, 3:57

Even after the Tokyo trial, where the issue of abduction after the defeat was settled, from the first shrine of the Imperial Household Secretary who wrote a dialogue with Emperor Showa, the Emperor Showa said, “If the people want to abate, It was found that he often referred to the possibility of abduction, such as saying "Senchu". The expert who analyzed it points out that “I really care about whether the Imperial family is recognized by the people, and I can see that the will of the people is crucial for survival”.

Michiji Tajima, the first secretary of the Imperial Household Agency from the private sector, wrote "Worship Record" for five and a half years from 1948 under the Constitution of Japan created after the war. He served as the head of the Imperial Household Agency and its predecessor Miyanai Prefecture. During his tenure, he recorded in detail the conversations with Emperor Showa over 300 times over 600 times.

The issue of Emperor Showa's abduction is a past study, and in the case of the Tokyo Court ruling in November 1948, Emperor Showa sent a letter to MacArthur, the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, and stayed in the Emperor's position without leaving It was said that it was settled by telling intention.

However, in December 1945, one year after the ruling, Emperor Showa told Secretary Tajima, “I am not sure about the retirement of Seitatsu ’s resignation,” He mentioned the possibility of the abduction and said that he should have allowed the Emperor who had been the Crown Prince to go abroad early for that purpose.

Also, in August 1951, when the signing of the San Francisco Peace Treaty was approaching the following month, “There are various responsibilities, but if you leave the position, it ’s easy for me to take responsibility. There is a statement that he said it would be easier to abate.

In addition, it was written that in the worship service four months later, he said, “If the people want to abate, they will not do anything.”

Professor Takahisa Furukawa of Nihon University, who specializes in the analysis of modern and contemporary Japanese history, said that “it was easier to embarrass the emperor of the Showa Emperor. I'm really worried about whether or not it will be a positive thing to be recognized, and I can see that the will of the people is crucial for survival. "