White supremacy quarreled with opposition group

While crimes based on racial and religious prejudices in the United States, incidents that appear to be `` hate crimes '' continue, in Western Oregon a group with white supremacy meets and protests with protesting groups It became an argument.

In Portland, Oregon, the United States, more than 1,000 people from a group that advocated white supremacy and extreme right thoughts met on the 17th.

Then, it became a fierce argument with citizen groups who protested this, and the group of white supremacy argued, “Why isn't white supremacy? The United States is our country?” No more crimes due to discrimination or prejudice should be repeated. "

The scene was temporarily noisy, but no one was injured because the police separated them.

In the United States, crimes based on racial and religious prejudices, a series of incidents that appear to be “hate crimes”, and the gunfire shooting in southern Texas, where 22 people were sacrificed on March 3, Thinks it ’s a hate climb.

Opponents and Democrats are also calling for responsibility for the fact that President Trump has taken discriminatory actions against immigrants that led to the incident.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which conducts research on discrimination and extremism in the United States, points out that social division is the background.