According to RT's interlocutor, partly cloudy but frosty weather is expected in Moscow and the Moscow region in the coming days.

“In Moscow during the day -1...-4 °C, in the region -1...-6 °C.

At night, the frost in Moscow will get stronger, with temperatures down to -10 °C next night.

In the following nights, frost in Moscow and the region is expected to range from minus -9...-14 °C.

That is, it will freeze quite strongly at night and the icy conditions will increase.

The wind is expected to be northerly 3-8 m/s tomorrow.

On Thursday, the direction will be difficult to determine, variable wind strength up to 5 m/s,” said Ilyin.

He noted that atmospheric pressure will fall slightly during the week.

“Today 754 mmHg.

Art., tomorrow it will rise slightly to 758 mmHg, and then on Thursday it will fall again to 755 mmHg. Until the end of the week, the weak fall will continue and only by the end of the week will a slight increase begin.

But significant pressure surges are not expected,” added RT’s interlocutor.

Earlier, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, Roman Vilfand, warned of a noticeable drop in temperature this week in the capital.