A labor union survey found that approximately 80% of nurses and others working at public hospitals have thought about quitting their current workplace.

The labor union analyzes that the causes include chronic staff shortages and overwork that remain unresolved even after the new coronavirus has moved to Category 5.

The survey was conducted by the All Japan Local Government Labor Union, a labor union made up of local government employees, and received responses from 10,184 people, including nurses and clinical laboratory technicians working at public hospitals across the country.

When asked if they wanted to quit their current workplace, 79% of them had thought about quitting, which is the sum of the answers ``I always think about it,'' ``I think about it often,'' and ``I think about it sometimes.'' , 7 points higher than last year's survey.

When we were further asked to give multiple answers as to why,

the most common answer was ``busy work'' (3,888),

followed by

``lack of staff'' (2,375)

, and

``dissatisfied with wages'' (2,159).

Regarding the causes of the situation becoming more serious, the labor union stated

that even after the new coronavirus was classified as Category 5 under the Infectious Disease Control Law last year, chronic staff shortages and busy work conditions have not changed, and that the

new coronavirus The analysis suggests that hospital management has deteriorated due to reductions in related subsidies, and personnel costs have been suppressed.

In addition, 36% of people answered "yes" when asked if they had experienced depression-like symptoms in the past year.

Haruki Hirayama, director of the Health and Medical Care Bureau of the Jichiro, said, ``Reforms to the way doctors work will soon begin, but medical workers will also need to keep track of their working hours.I would like to appeal for compliance with the Labor Standards Act.''