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Experts and analysts unanimously agreed that the imminent visit of Israeli War Council Minister Benny Gantz to the United States and Britain is a clear message from Washington to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in light of his recklessness in leading the war on the Gaza Strip.

The writer specializing in Israeli affairs, Ihab Jabareen, said that Washington was fed up with Netanyahu’s actions, and opened a parallel line with Gantz to mitigate the former’s recklessness in the current war.

Jabareen added - in his speech to the program "Gaza... What's next?" - that Gantz is as if he is rebelling against Netanyahu after the latter was comfortable during the past month and seemed to be in control of the war councils and the cabinet, pointing out that the visit may also come in the context of moves to replace Netanyahu.

He pointed out that Gantz is experiencing the euphoria of opinion polls that show his party is the strongest and most popular, before adding that it may dissipate at the end of the war, which will only end with supporters of the extreme right paying the price.

As for Netanyahu, he is trying - according to Jabareen - to prove the equation that he is the only prime minister who says “no” to the United States and gets “yes,” supporting what was said to be humiliation for the United States after the latter carried out an airdrop of aid into Gaza, and seemed to act like other countries and without Control of Israel.

A state of political dissent

In turn, international affairs expert Hossam Shaker believes that Gantz's visit expresses a state of political dissent and represents a moral blow to Netanyahu that was preceded by warnings such as the former's participation in demonstrations by families of prisoners and the exclusion of Gantz from the Paris consultations.

It appears that the crisis surfaced again after Gantz went to Washington in the context of strengthening his internal standing and his alliance with the United States. It is also a message of American annoyance by talking to Netanyahu’s political rival.

Despite this, Shaker says that Netanyahu has proven that he is able to impose his choices on the White House repeatedly, and that he may make Gantz appear hostile and not suitable for defending Israel’s interests.

He added, "Therefore, the American air landing on Gaza may be to cover up this impression that Washington is involved in starving the Palestinians," indicating that America fears the month of Ramadan as it may be a stop that may destabilize the security of the region.

Regarding Gantz’s expected visit to Britain, the expert in international affairs points out that London is on the American side and it seems as if Washington is moving it from a distance. There may be a signal that came to London about the need to receive Gantz and pain Netanyahu without political content.

Tension from the beginning

As for former US State Department official William Lawrence, he confirms that there is no admiration between US President Joe Biden and Netanyahu, and Biden had refused to meet with him at the White House before the seventh of last October, before the situation changed later, as Biden tried not to criticize him publicly.

He added that Gantz's visit to Washington holds benefits for both parties, and there are also negotiations between him and leaders of the Likud Party to remove Netanyahu, according to Israeli reports.

It is believed that Washington's airdrop of aid to Gaza, and Netanyahu's statements against Gantz's visit to the United States, undoubtedly show the nature of the relationship between the two most powerful men in Israel, and the relationship between the Israeli Prime Minister and the ruler of the White House.

Source: Al Jazeera