On the 2nd, two months after the accident in which a Japan Coast Guard aircraft collided with a Japan Airlines passenger plane on the runway at Haneda Airport, a public funeral was held in Tokyo for the five deceased coast guard officers.

In the accident that occurred at Haneda Airport on January 2nd this year, the passengers on board the Japan Coast Guard aircraft were vice-captain Nobuyuki Tahara (41), radio operator Takanori Ishida (27), and search radar. Five people died: Mr. Wataru Kato (39), a mechanic, Makoto Uno (47), a mechanic, and Shigesuke Kato (56), a maintenance worker.

On the 2nd, two months after the accident, a public funeral was held by the 3rd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters at a facility near Haneda Airport, and about 300 people attended, including the families of the five victims and officials from the Japan Coast Guard.

First, all those in attendance offered a moment of silence at the altar where the portraits of the five deceased were lined up, after which Shohei Ishii, Director-General of the Japan Coast Guard, and others delivered condolence addresses.

Afterwards, Hiroyuki Hayashi, commander of Haneda Air Base, where the five men belonged, gave a condolence speech, praising the five men's achievements to date, and saying, ``We are all friends who have flown in the same skies and shared joys and sorrows.'' There is nothing more painful and sad than thinking about the future and the heartache of the families.We pledge to do everything in our power to ensure that such accidents never happen again, and to take to the skies safely again. I apologize," he said.

In addition, a lawyer representing the bereaved family responded to the interview and conveyed the words of the bereaved family, saying, ``We would like you to ensure safe and secure transportation without wasting the loss of our family's lives.'' Ta.

Next, Yasunori Watanabe, Coast Guard Superintendent of the Japan Coast Guard, said, ``We are implementing all emergency safety measures, but we would like to identify areas that need to be resolved over the long term and develop solid countermeasures.''

According to the Japan Coast Guard, after the public funeral, the bereaved families laid flowers and held a moment of silence near the runway where the accident occurred at 5:47 p.m.