China News Service, Shanghai, March 2 (Reporter Xu Jing) The current development of artificial intelligence is very hot, especially large models, from ChatGPT to Sora, have attracted everyone's attention.

How to face the emergence of new technologies?

Wang Xiaofan, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and president of Shanghai University of Technology, expressed his attitude: open mind and treat it rationally.

It is necessary to actively embrace new technologies with an open mind, while at the same time seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages.

  While the new generation of artificial intelligence has received a lot of attention, it has also made many people worry that artificial intelligence technology will lead to massive unemployment and people will be replaced by machines.

In this regard, Wang Xiaofan said that the development of science and technology is more about empowerment, allowing humans to work more efficiently and creatively, and live a higher quality life.

The development of artificial intelligence technology not only promotes changes in scientific research methods and talent training, but also empowers small, medium and micro enterprises and creates new employment spaces. Small, medium and micro enterprises will also have broad room for development.

For example, the AI ​​video generation application Pika has only 4 full-time members, while the Sora core team has 13 people. The average age of team members is 28 years old. In the future, it is very likely that a company with only a few people will become a unicorn company.

  Wang Xiaofan introduced that last year at the National Two Sessions, he submitted a proposal on how to better develop artificial intelligence. This year, he has set his sights on how to better empower small and medium-sized enterprises and emerging jobs with artificial intelligence.

  "Technological development has brought challenges and opportunities to young people." Wang Xiaofan said that for young people, basic knowledge still needs to be learned, just like everyone will not stop learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division just because they have a calculator.

Without a certain reserve of knowledge, it is difficult to have real scientific and technological innovation.

However, it is no longer enough to simply learn knowledge. We must also focus on ability development, such as how to better ask questions, better collaborate with people, and collaborate with machines. These abilities will become more and more important in the future.

"What we need to think about is how to formulate policies, regulations, etc. to provide a better platform and institutional guarantee for young people to start businesses and find jobs."

  As a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference from the education sector, Wang Xiaofan naturally pays attention to college teachers, especially young teachers. How to make these "green peppers" stronger is a question he has been thinking about.

  Wang Xiaofan noticed that during this year’s Spring Festival holiday, a primary school student’s composition titled “Adults’ Troubles” received a lot of attention.

This composition was also circulated in the same season two years ago.

The author's father is a college teacher. At this time of year, many college teachers (most of them are young teachers) are "worried" about the same thing: submitting applications for the National Natural Science Foundation (referred to as the "Fund") in March. Book.

  "The last sentence of the composition, 'Dad's troubles are the taste of home,' has touched the heartstrings of many young teachers in colleges and universities. Applying for funds has always been one of the main anxieties of 'green peppers'." Wang Xiaofan said that this year he will submit a A proposal to better support college teachers in applying for the National Natural Science Foundation calls for more young teachers to receive funding without lowering funding standards.

  In recent years, the number of fund applications has increased significantly every year, but the overall funding rate has shown a downward trend year by year, and competition has become increasingly fierce.

Wang Xiaofan said frankly that as the main body of fund applicants, university teachers, especially the majority of "green peppers", are feeling increasing pressure and anxiety in applying for funds.

For example, last year's funding rate dropped to about 16%, which means that only one out of six applications was successful, which will dampen young teachers' enthusiasm for scientific research and their sense of gain.

  He suggested that we should effectively ensure the support of general projects and youth funds; optimize the funding methods of fund projects, and actively strive for greater national support for the total amount of funds; and suggested that other ministries and commissions actively establish scientific research funds in corresponding fields and expand funding. channel.

Guide colleges and universities to treat fund projects reasonably, optimize teacher evaluation standards, encourage and support the classified development of teachers, and do not regard obtaining fund projects as a necessary condition for teacher title promotion and assessment.