"Looking for a group of strangers to have a dinner together?" Recently, a social form called "blind box social" has attracted many young people to participate online.

According to participants, the participants in the "blind box social" are all strangers to each other, and the identities of the companions in the activity are unknown. Some participants said that they made many new friends in such activities, but some organizers frankly admitted that they encountered Someone behaved rudely.

Uncertainty like a blind box has become a characteristic of this type of social interaction.

  Experts say that "blind box social networking" has benefited from the rise of the Internet, and the social surprises brought about by its huge uncertainty are the key to attracting young people.

However, he reminded that activities involving social interaction with strangers may also encounter scammers or bad people, and participants and organizers should pay attention to screening.


  “Don’t worry too much when communicating with strangers”

  Cheng Fang, a 23-year-old Shanghai resident, said that she does not have many friends.

"There are very few friends I can ask out on a regular basis, and even fewer friends I can play games with outdoors."

  One day in the second half of last year, Cheng Fang discovered an activity called "blind box social" on the Internet. The organizers would recruit a large number of strangers to participate in social activities such as outdoor games, and make new friends in the process. .

  Cheng Fang felt that this kind of social activity was very attractive to her, so she signed up to participate in a hide-and-seek activity in the park with strangers.

She recalled that before the event she joined the WeChat group established by the organizers and found that she didn’t know anyone in the group.

She arrived late on the day of the event, but when she arrived at the event venue, she saw the participants greeting each other enthusiastically. “This atmosphere made me feel very comfortable.”

  A netizen who participated in the "blind box social" told a reporter from Beiqing Daily that this form of social interaction means that the participants are strangers to each other, which is very different from the previous social model of acquaintances.

"The objects you come into contact with are diverse and unpredictable. It's like opening a 'blind box'. It's very fresh and exciting."

  Another netizen who participated in the "blind box social" activity, Xiao Ao, said that he had just arrived in a new city to work and the people he usually interacted with the most were colleagues.

In his opinion, the social form of "blind box social networking" does not put much mental pressure, "Because the participants are all strangers, I don't have to worry about not getting along with others. If I am communicating with familiar people, I have to consider the other person. emotions, but when communicating with strangers, you don’t have to think so much. Everyone can get together if they want, and they can stay apart if they want.”

  Xiao Ao said that he met many new friends through "blind box social" activities.

"Here I can express my opinions and even discuss emotional issues. There will be many people here willing to listen to me and help me solve my problems."

  Cheng Fang also said that the main reason that attracted her to participate in the "blind box social" activity was that the participants did not know each other, so they could chat casually and were very enthusiastic during the activity.

  Cai Qing, who has also participated in the "blind box social", is also very interested in this new form of social interaction. After she moved to Shanghai to work from other places, she also faced the problem of lack of friends around her.

I signed up after seeing the recruitment post for the “Blind Box Social” event online.

"After participating in several activities, I have found friends with whom I can make appointments to eat and go shopping in Shanghai," Cai Qing said.


  "Looking for strangers who want to play with me"

  Gaibao has organized "blind box social" activities on the Internet many times. She told a reporter from Beiqing Daily that in early October last year, she really wanted to participate in outdoor games. "I wanted to play, but I couldn't find anyone I knew to play with me." to play, so I posted on social platforms looking for strangers willing to play with me.”

  What Gaibao didn't expect was that this post attracted the attention of many netizens, and hundreds of people left messages wanting to participate.

Gaibao established a WeChat group for this purpose, specifically organizing unfamiliar netizens to participate in "blind box social" activities.

Now the activity groups have grown to two, with a total of more than 500 people.

  In less than half a year, Gaibao has organized 7 "blind box social" activities, including hide-and-seek, Frisbee throwing, etc. On New Year's Day, it will also organize everyone to get together to celebrate the New Year.

  Wang Xueren has also organized many "blind box social" activities. He said that before, he and his wife would gather with friends at a fixed time on weekends.

In 2023, he and his wife came up with the idea of ​​inviting strangers to their home for a party.

He admitted that when he had gatherings with friends before, he had often been the treat and invited strangers to his home for gatherings. The AA system could help him "cover a lot of costs" and also make a lot of new friends.

  After Wang Xueren posted a post about the "Blind Box Social" party on the social platform, he received responses from many netizens.

At first, he would invite strange netizens to his home, where they would drink, chat, and play games together. Later, more and more people wanted to participate. In February this year, Wang Xueren specially found a venue to organize everyone to participate in the "blind event". "Box Social" activity, where strangers can watch movies and play board games together.

He said he hopes to organize more types of social activities in the future.

  Both Wang Xueren and Gai Bao said that the main participants in the "Blind Box Social" are young people aged 20 to 30. Many participants will say that they are usually introverted and do not like to socialize, and hope to use the "Social Blind Box" method , get a channel to communicate, communicate and even vent with others.

  There are hidden dangers

  A participant was caught harassing women

  However, just like after consumers purchase a "blind box", they may encounter styles they like or dislike when opening them.

Many participants and organizers of the "blind box social" activities confessed to Beiqing Daily reporters that in the process of "blind box social", they would encounter some unacceptable social partners from time to time.

  Wang Xueren said that once a man attended a "blind box social" party. Before drinking, the man behaved very well and brought snacks he made.

But then the man drank too much and started harassing the girls at the scene.

After this happened again, Wang Xueren received complaints from other participants, "I immediately warned the man."

  Wang Xueren said that the man later posted an apology on WeChat Moments, saying that he would not do similar things again.

"Later, after we considered it, we decided to refuse him from participating in our activities." He said frankly that the people who came to participate in the "blind box social" activities were all strangers, so it was difficult to prevent them in advance. In many cases, we could only solve the problem in time after it occurred. to process.

  Gaibao also said that in some outdoor activities such as hide-and-seek she organizes, it is inevitable that there will be physical contact between participants.

In order to avoid unpleasant things happening, she will limit the participants to be women to eliminate the hidden danger of sexual harassment.

  Cheng Fang also has similar concerns. For this reason, before she participates in various offline "blind box social" activities, she will first observe in the WeChat group established by the event organizer, "I will look at the atmosphere in the group. If the atmosphere If it makes me feel uncomfortable, I won’t participate in offline activities.”

  In addition, some netizens admitted that "blind box social networking" does not seem to be suitable for everyone.

Wang Peng, a graduate student who has participated in "blind box social", told Beiqing Daily reporters that he had participated in "blind box social" activities at school. When recruiting participants for this activity, it was clearly stated that the activity was helpful for making friends.

  Wang Peng said that during the day's event, participants could draw notes from the box provided by the organizer, and the notes would correspond to another girl.

After Wang Peng chatted with the corresponding girl, he began to feel that the two had a good conversation.

But then he discovered that girls were very cheerful and generous when chatting, while he seemed a little reserved, "I don't talk like this with my female classmates on a daily basis."

After the two talked about papers, work, etc., Wang Peng felt "incompatible" and the two slowly broke off contact.

"I'm not quite able to adapt to the 'blind box social' format."


  Organizers should ensure safety and bear legal responsibility for damage caused

  Why do many young people nowadays like "blind box social networking"?

In response to this phenomenon, Zhang Xiaoyuan, former head of the Department of Journalism at Sichuan University, said that the emergence of "blind box social interaction" first benefited from the rise of the Internet. "Just like unpacking blind boxes, this form of social interaction has huge uncertainties. At the same time, It will also bring a huge sense of freshness.”

  However, Zhang Xiaoyuan said that people who participate in and organize this new way of socializing should also be vigilant: "For organizers and participants, they must pay attention to problems such as being deceived. Behaviors involving social interactions with strangers may also encounter Liar, bad guy.”

  In addition, Han Xiao, a lawyer at Beijing Kangda Law Firm, reminded that organizers of "blind box social networking" must pay special attention to their legal responsibilities. According to the provisions of the Civil Code, if organizers of mass activities fail to ensure safety If a person has an obligation and causes harm to others, he shall bear tort liability.

If the organizer fails to ensure safety during an offline event and causes damage, the organizer may be liable for corresponding infringement.

At the same time, if there is forced persuasion to drink during the event, failure to deliver drunk people safely, failure to dissuade drunk driving, failure to fulfill obligations of reminder and care, and if an accident or accident occurs, the organizer may also bear corresponding liability for compensation.

Event organizers should also prepare a safety plan, prepare relevant safety facilities, verify the participants' identities, physical health factors, etc. before the event based on the activity content, and inform and confirm in writing the relevant activity content, risks, and safety plans to the participants. , relevant insurance can be purchased for participants in advance.

If a dangerous situation occurs, relevant activities should be stopped immediately or call the police for help.

  Regarding participants of "blind box social networking", Han Xiao reminded netizens to verify the real situation of the organizers and related activities before participating in such activities, and try to avoid participating in dangerous activities such as mixed people and remote locations. You can consider Sign up with friends, or purchase relevant insurance for yourself. At the same time, confirm the relevant interactive content and safeguard measures with the organizer. If you encounter bad behavior, you can choose to leave immediately or call the police for help.

Pay attention to retaining relevant evidence to protect your legitimate rights and interests.

  (At the request of the interviewee, the names of the participants and organizers of “Blind Box Social” are pseudonyms)

  This article/our reporter Qu Chang’s intern Yao Yi

  Coordinator/Jiang Shuo