The graduation ceremony for the 110th class was held at Takarazuka Music School in Hyogo Prefecture.

During the meeting, the chairman touched on the issue of the death of a member of the Takarazuka Revue last year, and said, ``We would like to improve things that are not in keeping with the times so that everyone can stand on stage with peace of mind.'' said.

At the graduation ceremony held at Takarazuka Music School, 39 members of the 110th class, who had worked hard in singing and dancing lessons for two years, attended the school's formal attire, with a black crest and green hakama, and received their diplomas. Ta.

At the ceremony, Principal Tatsuya Nakanishi said, ``Last year, a heart-wrenching and sad incident occurred at the Takarazuka Revue Company, and it was difficult for all the students to concentrate, but each of them continued to have a strong desire to perform on the Takarazuka stage and continued to study. "I hope that you will have the awareness and determination of a professional as you aim to enter the demanding world of the stage," he said in his speech.

In addition, Chairman Koji Murakami stated, ``We would like to improve the things that are not in keeping with the times through organizational culture reform so that everyone can stand on stage with peace of mind.''

After the ceremony, valedictorian Yume Tara said, ``She wants to become a girl who can add color to the Takarazuka stage, which she has always admired.She wants to bring happiness to everyone through her songs.''

The graduates will be joining the opera troupe on the 1st and will be performing on stage for the first time in the monthly performance starting this month.

Regarding the issue of the death of a troupe member, although the troupe has acknowledged that most of the 15 cases of power harassment claimed by the bereaved families fall under the category of power harassment, there are differences between the two sides' claims, and discussions are continuing.