Six people, including poet Shuntaro Tanikawa, have been selected as this year's recipients of the NHK Broadcasting Culture Award, which is given to people who have contributed to the development of the broadcasting business and the improvement of broadcasting culture.

The following people have been selected to receive the award.

▽As a landslide expert for many years, he has been involved in disaster response and policy planning, and has used his extensive knowledge to appeal to viewers on NHK news and other channels to avoid danger and recommend countermeasures.He is a visiting member of the Fujisan Science Research Institute in Yamanashi Prefecture. Researcher Hiroshi Ikeya (80).

▽Etsuko Egawa (70), a special makeup supervisor who has been active in movies and television as a pioneer of special makeup and special modeling, and who contributed to the NHK drama by giving a natural expression of her aged appearance and scars.

▽In Okinawa, which was under U.S. military rule, he started broadcasting for the prefecture's citizens, and served as an executive of a commercial broadcaster and chairman of the Okinawa Broadcasting Association, the predecessor of NHK Okinawa Broadcasting Station, and laid the foundation for the dual system of NHK and commercial broadcasters in Okinawa. Tomakiyo Kabira (96), former chairman of the Okinawa Broadcasting Corporation.

▽He has appeared in numerous NHK dramas ranging from historical dramas to contemporary dramas, including the role of "Masayuki Sanada" in the taiga drama "Sanada Maru," and has served as a navigator on the educational program "Tsubo of Beauty" for 15 years, conveying the charm of works of art. actor Masao Kusakari (71).

Shuntaro Tanikawa (92) is a poet who has supported Japanese culture with the power of words by writing the lyrics for the songs that have been chosen for the past five NHK National School Music Contests, creating masterpieces that are still sung today.

Tomio Yuki, a folklore researcher, has visited more than 800 rural and fishing villages across the country, mainly in the Tohoku region, and has contributed to regional revitalization by rediscovering regional issues and the charm of traditional culture, and introducing them on TV programs. (78).

The above six people were selected for this year's Broadcast Culture Award.