Used car sales company Big Motor was found to have had six mechanics working at its stores in Tokyo work illegal overtime last year, and on the 1st, the Tokyo Labor Bureau sent the company and its factory manager to prosecution on suspicion of violating the Labor Standards Act. Did.

Those who were referred to the prosecutor's office are Big Motor, a used car sales company headquartered in Tama City, Tokyo, and the factory manager, a man in his 30s.

According to the Tokyo Labor Bureau, in February last year, the company and the factory manager were accused of having six mechanics who perform vehicle inspections at stores in Tokyo work illegal overtime that exceeded the upper limit of 80 hours per month agreed upon in an agreement between labor and management. There is a suspicion of violation of the Standards Act.

Under the Labor Standards Act, if employees work more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week, they can be made to work overtime within the scope of an agreement between labor and management, but this time, the longest overtime hours reached 116 hours. That is to say.

The Tokyo Labor Bureau had issued corrective recommendations to Big Motor several times in the past, but since no improvement had been seen, a special measures team was conducting a detailed investigation.

"Big Motor" commented on NHK's interview, saying, "We have not confirmed anything at this time, but when we have confirmation, we will release it on our website."