Graduation ceremonies were held at many public high schools in Gifu Prefecture on the 1st.

Among these, at Prefectural Hita High School in Takayama City, the traditional ``White Line Nagashi'' was held for the first time in five years, with all current students and neighbors watching.

``White Line Nagashi'' is an event named after graduates who floated the white lines sewn around their school caps into the river, and has been held for over 80 years since Hita High School was a junior high school under the old system.

After the ceremony, the 232 graduates lined up near the main gate and headed toward the Oyaga River that flows in front of the school.

Then, on the snow-covered riverbank, the male students tied the white line and the female students tied the white scarves of their sailor uniforms to each other, as if to confirm their bond with each other, and then they shouted loudly to the teachers and students on the opposite riverbank: After saying "Thank you," I slowly floated it into the river.

According to the high school, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it was the first time in five years that the white line was held as usual, and in addition to all current students, the neighbors also saw off the graduates who were sad to say goodbye to their students.

One of the graduates said, ``Being able to experience this traditional event will remain in my memories for the rest of my life.''