At the end of his address to the Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin said a very important, fundamental thing about the renewal of our elite.

“You know that the word “elite” has largely discredited itself... by those who, without any merit to society, consider themselves some kind of caste with special rights and privileges, especially I mean those who in previous years pockets due to all sorts of processes in the economy of the 90s.

They are definitely not the elite.

The true, real elite is everyone who serves Russia: workers and warriors, reliable, proven, who have proven their devotion to Russia,” the president said.

Northern Military District veterans should occupy leadership positions in the state, the education system, and lead regions!

The personnel and educational program “Time of Heroes” will be implemented for them.

This is a very true thought.

After all, the October Revolution deprived Russia of its aristocracy: some died on the Civil fronts, some emigrated, some were repressed.

And the troubled waters of the 1990s pushed up troubled businessmen, far from righteousness and patriotism.

Today the time has come to form a new Russian aristocracy.

But where can I get it?

Let's remember the story.

Where did the nobility come from in Russia and Europe?

Initially, the nobles were professional warriors who defended the people and the state from enemies, for which they received lands from which they lived.

For a long time, all nobles of the Russian Empire were required to undergo military service.

But even when Peter III abolished compulsory military service for the aristocracy, among the Russian nobles it was considered base not to fight for the Motherland.

At first, the scions of famous families performed feats in the name of the Fatherland and only then, crowned with military awards, entered the civil service.

Mikhail Lermontov

 commanded special forces in the Caucasus.

Leo Tolstoy

 was an artillery officer in the Crimean War.

Nikolai Gumilyov

 volunteered to fight in the First World War, although he was visually impaired.

And the sophisticated

Alexander Vertinsky

 paid his debt to the Motherland as a nurse, performing thousands of dressings on wounded soldiers.

Forming a national elite based on heroes who fought or volunteered in the Northern Military District zone is the right step.

These people have already proven their patriotism; they will never betray the interests of their Motherland.

Again, among the volunteers and mobilized soldiers of our army there are businessmen, doctors, teachers, civil servants, athletes and cultural figures.

All of them, upon returning home, should take leading positions in their professional fields.

And the fighters of “Storm Z”, who washed away their guilt with blood, are much more worthy members of our society than those who, cursing Russia, stormed the outpost of Upper Lars.

In addition, this message from our president will definitely inspire our soldiers to new exploits.

It is very important for those who fight for Russia on the front line to know that without them, without victory, there will be nothing at all in the country.

And their achievements will not be forgotten when they return home victoriously.

At the same time, the president’s words should be understood as a message to the entire society: support the fighters on the front line with everything you can.

Ordinary guys from all corners of our vast Motherland must understand that when they return home, they will not be outcasts, but Heroes - the new elite of a new, strong and invincible Russia!

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