JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) plans to build a new test building as early as next year at the Noshiro Rocket Testing Range in Akita Prefecture, where an explosion occurred during a combustion test for one of the next generation main rockets, "Epsilon S," in July last year. It was learned through interviews with related parties that the company has decided to start construction work.

Last July, an explosion occurred during a combustion test of the engine of the small solid-fuel rocket Epsilon S at JAXA's Noshiro Rocket Testing Range in Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture, and the test building where the experiment was conducted was damaged. Demolition work is underway as it is extremely difficult to repair.

JAXA has been considering rebuilding this test building, and interviews with related parties revealed that they have recently decided to rebuild the test building.

The new test building will have at least the same level of functionality as before, and will once again be able to perform vacuum combustion tests on solid-fuel rockets, which were no longer possible after the accident.

The demolition of the damaged test building will be completed this spring, and construction work on the new test building will begin as early as next year.

JAXA plans to hold a briefing session for Noshiro City officials and local residents later this month to announce the details of the plan.