On the 1st, commercial facilities including a supermarket opened in a new town built on the site of the Olympic Village for the Tokyo Olympics, laying the foundations to support the lives of residents in this area.

The newly opened three-story commercial facility in Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo is a renovated building that was used as a training facility and clinic in the Olympic village during the Tokyo Games.

Tokyo Olympic gold medalists Jun Mizutani, a table tennis player, and Yui Susaki, a wrestler, were invited to the ceremony on the 1st, and they celebrated the opening with a ribbon cutting.

A new town called Harumi Flag, which is said to be home to 12,000 people, is being developed in this area, and residents are moving in, but the completion of a commercial facility that will house a supermarket, clinic, etc. will support residents' lives. The foundation will be in place.

This facility has been carefully designed to preserve memories of the Tokyo Games, and in the restaurant on the first floor, which has an exhibition space for torch dishes and memorabilia, you can also enjoy certified vegetables that were also served at the Olympic Village. Masu.

A woman in her 30s who will be moving into Harumi Flag from the end of March said, ``I came here to check it out, but the supermarket is bigger than I expected, so it looks like I'll be able to live here with peace of mind.''

Toshiyuki Yamanaka of Mitsui Fudosan said, ``We want this facility to support the lives of residents and connect the memories of the Tokyo Games and the Olympic Village.''