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The image of American pilot Aaron Bushnell, who burned himself in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., continues to preoccupy American and international public opinion, amid the interaction of the platforms regarding the raised concerns regarding the participation of American forces in the war on Gaza.

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Following the publication of the clip of Bushnell burning himself, dozens of former soldiers gathered in the American city of Portland, burned their military uniforms, and raised a banner reading “Free Palestine.”

Hundreds of people and a number of former soldiers also participated in the place where Bushnell burned himself, in a pause of mourning and solidarity with the American pilot who rejected the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

The American New York Post newspaper quoted one of Bushnell's close friends as telling him on the night of his death that he had seen secret information indicating that American soldiers were participating in the war on the Gaza Strip and killing large numbers of Palestinians.

According to a friend of the American pilot, whose identity the newspaper did not reveal, Bushnell told him that he was serving in the 70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing of the US Air Force, and was accessing US military intelligence data of the “top secret” category by virtue of having permission to do so.

He revealed that Bushnell spoke to him about American soldiers fighting in the tunnels used by Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip, in a position that contradicts what the White House has always asserted that American forces will not participate in the war.

"A roaring protest bomb"

In light of these developments, the “Shabakat” program - in its episode dated (2/29/2024) - monitored the interaction of communication platforms with the consequences of the incident of the American pilot burning himself, and the leaked American participation in the war on Gaza.

In this context, activist Iman said, “There is no more secret information... Things - unfortunately - have become public... and what Bushnell’s friend said is not new. America is the first partner and complicit in war crimes in Gaza.”

Adel Mukhtar went in the same direction and said, “What Bushnell’s friend revealed indicates that America, with all its military might, with its allies and Israel, joined forces and came together to attack the resistance in Gaza, and that the resistance alone is fighting them.”

While Ammar described the American pilot as an unparalleled hero, and that he will become a new Mohamed Bouazizi in America, Rafik called for anticipation of upcoming events and developments, saying: “Wait for surprises and scandals. A political, diplomatic and legal hurricane in America, Britain, Europe, Canada and Australia.”

In turn, Ben Salem believes that Bushnell detonated a powerful protest bomb that thundered like a flood, and added, "It would be a daydream for the ruling elite in America to remain convinced of its ability to contain the bomb and prevent the expansion of its points of influence, by ignoring its order."

It should be noted that the American newspaper "The New York Times" quoted a close friend of Bushnell as saying that he was constantly complaining about his job in the Air Force, and that he was in conflict with the US army because of the invasion of Iraq and the occupation of Afghanistan.

The newspaper added that Bushnell's friends and relatives describe him as being shy and belonging to an isolated Christian community, and he was participating in efforts to solve the homelessness crisis by transferring large sums of money to some homeless people.