On the 29th, the Ministry of Natural Resources released the "China Natural Resources Bulletin 2023", which covers the overview of natural resources, strictly observing the bottom line of resource security, optimizing the land spatial pattern, promoting green and low-carbon development, safeguarding the rights and interests of resource assets, scientific and technological innovation and international cooperation. Relevant situations and achievements in the field of natural resources in my country were introduced.

This is also the second time that my country has announced the overall situation of natural resources after the establishment of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

  National Natural Resources Overview

  According to the results of the 2022 National Land Change Survey, there are 127.580 million hectares of cultivated land, 20.113 million hectares of garden land, 283.546 million hectares of forest land, 264.285 million hectares of grassland, 23.569 million hectares of wetland, 35.968 million hectares of urban, rural and industrial and mining land, and 10.186 million hectares of transportation land. hectares, water areas and water conservancy facilities land of 36.296 million hectares.

As of the end of 2022, 173 mineral resources have been discovered across the country.

In 2022, my country's groundwater storage capacity will be 52,098.58 billion cubic meters.

  The total amount of cultivated land in the country has continued to grow net

  The goal of protecting 1.865 billion acres of cultivated land set in the "National Land and Spatial Planning Outline (2021-2035)" was achieved, and the red line of cultivated land was guarded.

  Geological survey submitted 102 mining target areas for commercial exploration

  In 2023, 110.50 billion yuan was invested in geological exploration nationwide, 124 new non-oil and gas mineral areas were discovered, 112 prospecting areas were delineated, and 102 mining target areas were submitted for commercial exploration.

  The national ecological protection red line area has stabilized at more than 3.15 million square kilometers.

  The annual physical assessment of the implementation of national and key urban planning shows that the area of ​​cultivated land and permanent basic farmland will remain at more than 1.865 billion acres and 1.546 billion acres respectively in 2023, and the national ecological protection red line area will remain stable at more than 3.15 million square kilometers.

  Remarkable results in ecological restoration

  In 2023, we will further promote the implementation of the 52 integrated protection and restoration projects of mountains, rivers, forests, farmlands, lakes, grass and sand deployed since the "13th Five-Year Plan", completing more than 7.7 million hectares of ecological protection and restoration area; support coastal cities in implementing 175 marine ecological protection and restoration projects, A total of 1,680 kilometers of coastline and more than 50,000 hectares of coastal wetlands have been renovated and restored.

Encourage and support social capital to participate in ecological protection and restoration. By the end of 2023, policy financial investment has accumulated to 350 billion yuan.

  Nearly 70 million real estate certificates have been issued nationwide

  In 2023, 69.338 million real estate certificates and 30.202 million real estate registration certificates were issued nationwide.

A total of 116,000 transfers with security have been processed across the country, involving more than 160 billion yuan in security; more than 1,900 counties and cities have implemented the reform of "handover of land and housing immediately with certificates", and more than 5.2 million certificates have been issued, benefiting 56,000 projects. , more than 12 million business people.

According to CCTV news